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What we’re about

Time changes, technology changes, industry changes, people are the engine of this change, and Agile should change with the people. We want to offer a space where (Agile) professionals can share the obstacles they are facing and find new solutions to build teams that will move the business forward. 

All of our activities will be focussed on making the environmental uncertainty an engine to bring a positive change within the organization. More and more, business agility is moving beyond IT, to HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales, etc. That's why we believe that with honesty and open communication, shared experiences and innovative ideas we can achieve increased efficiency, business (Agile) transformation, and establishing a solid position on the market. 

The final step will be to think about a world post-Agile and how we can face this eventuality in a constructive way. The only way to do this would be to be open to accepting new realities.

Target audience:

Our events are dedicated to ANYONE curious about the future of their business, from experienced C-levels, to various professionals, Agile Coaches, Transformation Ops, and also the next generation of Entrepreneurs. Focusing on changes will inevitably lead to discussing the future. We believe that a solid future is built upon experience and unbiased planning. For us, it will be an honor to merge the gaps between old and new worlds, in order to help create a new vision for a sustainable business using Agile practices.

Leadership Board:

Stavros Papadeas

Farid Nat, Jasper Verdooren, Christopher Aron, Elena Vladimirova, Mario Tama

Expert Advisor:

Bernie (Bernarda Calcado) Maia 

Our code of conduct: