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Change, both technological and cultural, is occurring faster than ever before. As a result, companies are turning to agile for ideas to innovate, reduce costs, and remain relevant in a changing market.

Business agility embraces change. Business agility changes how you think, how you work and the way you interact with people.

We address these in our monthly meetups through talks, workshops, and experience reports to stay abreast with these changing market needs.

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Marketing, coaches, executives and small to mid size business owners looking to create a sustainable business using Agile practices.

Our code of conduct: https://businessagility.institute/code-of-conduct/

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Organisational Antibodies and Agile Leadership

This meet-up will comprise of two ‘art of the possible’ sessions presented by Andrew Rochester & Marcus Dimbleby. We are really grateful to Stack Overflow (https://stackoverflow.com) for hosting the event and providing pizzas and beers ! ===================================================================== Session 1 – Effective Transformation: How to resist the organisational antibodies In this session, as a senior leader at Royal Bank of Scotland with an existing delivery accountability, Andrew will cover the following themes: * How do you practically effect sustainable transformation on top of "the day job"? * How big is the gap between theory and practice? * With time a precious commodity, what should you focus on? * How do you establish a counter-cultural bridgehead? * What common "spine" is there, when it comes to approach, which can be applied in most environments? * What are the recurring risks, obstacles and other impediments, and are there any strategies for circumvention? ===================================================================== Session 2 – What is Agile Leadership? Or what it's not In this session, Marcus will cover the necessary changes required in today’s leadership to enable leaders to evolve and adapt when facing the VUCA environment we now find ourselves in. Realising that what got many to where they are today is simply no longer good enough, with evidence that proves failing to lead will lead to failure. Key take-aways from the session: * Visionary and honest Leadership * Understanding Lean principles of value flow * Reducing organisational friction * Team enablement * Employee respect * Transparency & Collaboration ===================================================================== Andrew Rochester Bio (https://www.linkedin.com/in/arochester/) Starting from a career as an engineer in financial services, start-ups and consulting, Andrew Rochester ("Roch") has spent the last seven years as a disruptive intrapreneur leading transformation initiatives in UK retail banks. Having had over a decade of experience with various Agile techniques, as a hands-on practitioner, Andrew has become increasingly dissatisfied with traditional approaches to "Agile" or "Digital" Transformation in large legacy organisations. Viewing these approaches as expensive, lacklustre in efficacy, and guilty of prioritising aggrandisement over benefit, Andrew continues to refine and deliver alternative models of transformation focused on servant-leadership, pragmatism, and evidence based results - founded on the belief that having fun at work and delivering results form a virtuous circle. Andrew is currently Director of Engineering for RBS. ===================================================================== Marcus Dimbleby Bio (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcusdimbleby/) A passionate and pragmatic transformation leader and coach with a drive for unique disruption. Evolved in Financial Services from a broad background with extensive experience gained as a senior officer in the Royal Air Force, a senior manager at a major consultancy, an independent contractor, business owner and partner. Former Head of Agile at Lloyds Bank and now focused on supporting organisational transformations. ===================================================================== The Business Agility Institute (https://businessagility.institute/) is a global thought leader in the area of Business Agility who believe that traditional models of management and corporate governance are failing organisations. Much of it works centres around bringing together practitioners to share experiences and explore new ways of working that have resulted in hugely beneficial outcomes for organisations. Communities are at the heart of the Business Agility Institute; It has nurtured a growing global community with meet-ups happening in USA, Brazil, India, Australia, Indonesia and now in UK.

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