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What we’re about

We live in a climate with an accelerating pace of change. As a consequence we rush to satisfy short-term goals, neglecting sustainable outcomes. We must shift toward resilient and sustainable organizations that are quick to learn, and adapt. This is the sweet spot for agility; the ability of an organization to respond, change quickly, even renew itself, and ultimately succeed in this rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.

Backed by the global community organisation, Business Agility Institute (BAI). The volunteer-run UK BAI meetup is a community where we encourage you to be curious, share ideas, and explore the new patterns to succeed in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. Our members develop their skills as Business Agility professionals and build capabilities within their organisations.

Target audience 
Leaders, executives, coaches, and SMEs. Business owners looking to create a sustainable business using Agile practices.

Our code of conduct: