• The Advanced Guide to the Agile-Toc-Method (ATM) for Beginners

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    We are delighted to welcome Clarke Ching who will be talking with us about:
    "The Advanced Guide to the Agile-Toc-Method (ATM) for Beginners:
    Just Enough Agile + Just Enough ToC = Loads of Calm + Loads of Cash"

    In this session, Clarke - “the bottleneck guy” - Ching will teach you how to turbocharge your Agile teams by adding just enough ToC (Theory of Constraints).

    If you’re familiar with Goldratt’s ToC, you will be surprised to discover that the trick isn’t to find your bottleneck, then manage it. That works in factories. But in knowledge work, where the flow of work is far more complex, the secret is to find your bottleneck, move it into the right place, and then keep it there.

    Do this, and your productivity will soar.

    About Clarke:
    Clarke - “the bottleneck guy” - Ching created the AgileTocMethod (ATM). He is the author of “Rolling Rocks Downhill”, “CorkScrew Solutions”, and “The Bottleneck Rules”. Currently, he and his family live in his homeland New Zealand. Clarke has been powered by ToC (the theory of constraints) for over 25 years and Agile since 2003.

  • Inner Agility: The Key to Business Agility

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    Inner Agility refers to our emotional, cognitive, and psychological capacity to dance with the current moment--in all of its complexity, surprise, and uncertainty--in ways that are generative, creative, and capability-enhancing. In this session, we will explore the nature of 'Inner Agility'. Along the way, we will come to understand the realm of 'being' in which it necessarily arises, and from which its emergence might be cultivated.

    About the speaker:
    Michael Hamman is dedicated to the possibility that the workplace be a site for personal, professional, and social transformation. A thought-leader in the Agile world, Michael is known mainly for his work helping organizations, teams, and leaders toward greater holistic team and enterprise-level agility, primarily through growing their inner capacity for leadership agility in the face of the complexity, volatility, and uncertainty that is 21st-century life and business.

    His book Evolvagility: Growing an Agile Leadership Culture from the Inside Out provides a blueprint for what it means to be an agile leader in today’s complex world and offers a practical roadmap for getting there.

    Michael is head of development at Transformation Designs, and is Co-creator at Centre for Inner Agility. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Meetup Event with Graham Scott

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    More details to come.

    Graham Scott, the Throughput guy, is the author of "Practice makes Profit". He is a fixer of low profits, low productivity and high hours. He is also an expert in the Theory of Constraints, finance and agility. In fact, he is the founder of agilityinfinance.org