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Potluck/Games Night (Round #2 for Games Night 2014)

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The RSVP will close at 2 pm on Saturday and the address will be sent out then. If there are spots available (up to 35 people), you can email me on a one off basis after this time and I will try to reply - thank you. Mike

You only need to RSVP or post comments if you plan on attending !!

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Potluck and Games Night

Yes, event details have become very, very long.... and I'm trying to fix this. Yes, I kept adding details (just so I do not have to keep replying to questions at each ot these events) but let's fix this!!

So if you have not been to the event before, if you may have any questions, you may want to post comments, please check this link first!!!! Thank you :)


This event will be held at Mike's house in the S.E. (Lake Chaparral - Sun Valley / Hwy 22X area). Far South Calgary! If you are looking for the area, use the postal code in the details above.Sorry, I am going to try and keep the numbers lower for this event (especially in the winter, as the back deck and yard cannot be used). Also many comments have been that is was much nicer, with less members attending, making it easier to talk, to be able to find a spot and play in one of the games, much easier to clean up...This is a HOUSE (not a bar), there is only so much room, I am a host and not an event planner (this event is up to you to join into the games and have fun)...Note: This is a TEAM EVENT, so please feel free to assist and help organize the games or even make suggestions... There are some great people in this group and we will always welcome new members :)At the same time it is up to you to socialize and have fun :) I have stepped back at these events and hoping others will use their energy to set up/host the games, clean up..**This event is set up with a manual wait list.If you are on the waitlist and a spot opens, the meetup website will send out an automatic email letting you know that there is a space available, and it is up to you to change your RSVP to yes, and say that you are attending. I do not do the first on the waitlist to take an open spot, as I have seen too may "no shows" - In their defense maybe, they did not know they had a spot, too short of notice... So my opinion is "if you RSVP, I do now expect you to show" . For any of my events, I have a total "3 NO SHOW RULE" - If you are are no show for 3 of my events, to be fair to others, you will automatically be put back on the waitlist. If a spot opens a few hours before the event, it will be up to you to contact myself directly.Please understand.... I am sure some people do not understand the hidden costs or forget the expenses..... These expenses include the non alcoholic punch provided, buying ice, paper plates, cutlery, pop, napkins, some extra dinner meats, plastic cups, some new spoons for the game, new playing cards, new games, bottled water, fire wood, cleaning supplies, lunch items the next day for the volunteers, carpet cleaner supplies, replacing the tips on the pool cues (to have the 5 pool cue tips replaced professionally cost $84.00), chalk… You would be surprised how fast it all adds up! Also, appreciation to those who help clean up the next day, this helps to subsidize the costs (out of my pocket) for the fun that everyone had the night before. Really, where can you go (spend $4.00) , bring a dish (which you would eat at home) and have this much fun?**As a gentle reminder (not to offend anyone), this is someone’s home and we all need to be respectful in the home (please clean up after yourselves and others, be responsible for any damages etc).The DSN group is GREAT and I hope that it lasts for many years. Most people are respectful and come out to laugh and have fun. At the same time, only some need to understand that this is someone’s home, not a bar or restaurant (we are not making profits off the customers spending lots of money on drinks). We all take things for granted, remember that no one is getting paid to clean up, damages (i.e. nicks in walls, carpet cleaning/stains), laundry, tablecloths, cleaning the bathroom, dishwasher tabs…. can become costly and that some might not realize these costly expenses or just assume or maybe just take things for granted. For some competitive people (not to mention any names)... lol. If the window gets broken playing the Run-A-Round game, you are responsible for the bill!! Potluck – Food Items to Bring:It is great to sample all of the different food items at every event and there are lots of options. Some people bring homemade dishes, some purchase ready made trays from the grocery/deli departments, others bring desserts or late night snacks… Feel free to bring a plastic container to take some food and/or desserts home with you.***At some last events, we ended up with way too many desserts and could have used some more dinner foods... Need ideas?? Call me...To help make it easier for the new members and also to give others ideas on what to bring for their contribution (this will help for a wide range of food items), I would ask that you post in the comment section and then add in what you will be bringing to the potluck.Allergies:To be careful and to help those with allergies, please make a label for your dish - if you feel that it will help others!

Well this will be the second potluck and games nights for 2014 and yes (not new anymore) and at the same time, members keep asking for them.

Some Past Potluck/Games Meetups (you may need to copy/paste to view):

Some of the past events games may/might have included:

- Pool table (the Runaround is one of the most fun pool games you'll ever play!) *Alex is at this one, so good luck at winning the title! lol

- Wii & several other games - take the Wii Challenge!!

- Texas Hold ‘em (a friendly beginner game and not a high stakes game)

- Spoons (should we start supplying band aids? lol)

Note: There will be a DSN event in the future to help sand down the scratches on the table and to stain the new top :)

- Twister – enough said! lol

- Pool 8 Ball and Snooker (usually played later in the evening)

-Weather permitting, campfire (bring the items for smores) and lawn chairs...

-Beaver slap (not what you are thinking!!!!!)

These games nights are lots of fun and if you have another game that you feel others would like to play, please bring it with you! From past events, the games are kept shorter in length and that will take some less concentration work better (there are lots of people and laughing going on, which can hinder some people’s concentration). Games with less thinking, rules to learn... are much easier on this night! If you have Guesstures game, please bring it!! Oh, and lets plan to play at the beginning of the night, not when people are leaving!

Note: Please do not feed the dog!

There is a small dog (he's about 4 1/2 pound long haired Chihuahua) in this home and he will be kept upstairs for most of the night.

Alcoholic Beverages:

Non alcohlic punch is included. Alcohol beverages are BYOB, if you are having some (and have too many) it is your responsibility to call a cab or make other arrangements to get home.

Please Do Not Drink and Drive!!!!

The cost for the event will be $4.00

The $4.00 will cover expenses and includes DSN Fee and will be collected by one of the volunteers on this night. *Please understand the costs (see the link above).

What time will the event start?

The potluck/games night will start at 6:00 pm and we usually start eating somewhere between 7:15 – 7:45 pm (giving time for the late arrivers and also for those who need time to prep or warm up their food items). Volunteers would be appreciated to help organize, warm up foods...

Extra help:

If there are 2 volunteers that can come an hour early to help set up would be great (i.e. setting up tables, chairs, making the punch, last minute details…). I will post the volunteers names, just so we do not have too many people showing up early.

As of 2013, I'm am now asking for help with the next day clean up.

In the past I have had many DSN members volunteer to come over the next day to help clean up and I did take them up on their offers (until 2013) and thank you to those who have volunteered.

I do request volunteers for Sunday and it should not be the same people having to volunteer each time. This will only be on the main house level where the event was held and just to help with any clean up from the event! (i.e. helping to put away tables, dishes, chairs, vacuuming, washing the hardwood floors… ).

I will be making brunch for the volunteers as well.Thank you again to all of the DSN members for their support.