What we're about

We welcome all professionals who are engaged in software or enthusiastic about software.

We are a community of software professionals based in the Bay area and California - interested in receiving and giving support to our fellow professionals.

We provide support on many levels professionally as well as socially.

We do our best to maintain a friendly but intentional environment in our events to foster good and meaningful connections for all who attend and participate.

We host the following types of events:

1. Educational events to upgrade skills and knowledge.

2. Educational events to expose new technologies and innovation.

3. Investor events to help you get introduced to investors.

4. Networking events to connect with others in the field and potential collaborators or mentors.

5. Social events to enjoy and connect in surprising and good ways.

6. And much more!

Please join our group asap.

Niki Gastinel, Atul Padha, Sunil Bhaskaran


Upcoming events (2)

HackAVertical Demo Day ($25K-$250K for 0%-5% equity) - Free Open Online

REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. It's a FREE event. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJXQNW_hhvX52j_XqEhZCzEdeFqMzWHGYAU3mBVWAvrbAP6A/viewform (<= REGISTER EARLY) HackAVertical Demo Day ($25K-$250K for 0%-5% equity) - Free Open Online 10+ startups pitch to investors on an open public platform. The event is organized by: - California Software Professionals Association (CSPA) - Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (ICC) - Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association (SIPA) - American Association For Precision Medicine (AAPM) - Bay Angels investment group - TechCode startup incubator - Silicon Valley Cloud & AI (SVCA) HackAVertical is an ongoing monthly hackathon in which participants team up with each other and participate to build innovative solutions to solve problems around the trending verticals. Participants are free to pitch products in any vertical of their choice or pick one from below. Vertical: Preventing Forgery & Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses. Niche problems of focus: 1. Alternative Identifier to the Social Security Number. 2. Food Supply Chain Safety and Visibility. 3. Supply Chain Traceability of Natural Gas Imports. 4. Supply Chain Traceability of Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Shipments. 5. Privacy Respecting Essential Work and/or Task License. Top ranked participants secure a chance to receive a grant funding or seed funding between $25K and $250K in return for 1%-5% equity to investors. DISCLAIMER: Event organizers are not involved in deal-making, so they are not making any promises. Entrepreneurs/Innovators: - Are you struggling to find your next passion? - Are you looking for seed funding in above verticals? - Are you looking for awards by Government Organization in above verticals? - Are you looking for customers offering contracts in above verticals? - Are you building your team and looking for talent in above verticals? Investors: - Are you looking for opportunities to invest in early-stage startups? - Are you looking for early-stage startups solving problems in above verticals? - Are you looking for innovators building product/platform in above verticals? - Are you looking for founders exploring models/markets in above verticals? If you do, please REGISTER above to join us. INVESTORS JUDGING 1. Anant Sood | Co-founder | https://www.worxogo.com 2. Matthew J. Basirico | Advisor | X-Banker | 3. Matthew Lewis | Advisory Board Member | https://enter.capital 4. Prakash Goswami | Managing Partner | https://marlaccelerator.com 5. Roger King | Angel Investor | http://bayangels.com [More TBA] SPEAKING IN PANEL 1. Ali Raza | Founder & CEO | https://throughput.world 2. Vadim Peskov | Co-founder & CEO | https://diffco.us [More TBA] INNOVATORS PITCHING 1. Ankit Jain | Co-founder & CEO | https://www.pathloom.com 2. Kamal Mewada | CTO | http://gpsgaadi.com 3. Raja Appachi | Founder & CEO | https://www.dowhistle.com [More TBA] AGENDA 5:00 PM Welcome 5:15 PM Introduction of judges and speakers (2 min each) 5:30 PM Panel on the above vertical followed by Pitches 7:00 PM Closing

Innovate & Lead 2020 (online)

Online event

"Innovate & Lead" is about helping the community innovate and lead. Event is organized by CSPA in collaboration with local groups. Join us to learn about problems and opportunities around us. We are inviting leaders from academia, local government, venture capital and technology industry to speak at the event. Speakers will shed light on what are some of the big problems around us today and what funding opportunities are available to build innovative solutions to solve these problems. Number of panels: 6 Number of speakers: 30-36 Audience expected: 200 PANELS ------------ Public & Private: ----------------------- - Open & Opensource Innovation - Burning Problems Around Us and Funding Support To Address Them. - Opportunities To Address Homelessness Through Innovation. - Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Opportunities to Develop Solutions. - Untapped Opportunities With Funding Sources for Entrepreneurs. - Innovation Opportunities in the Public Sector - COVID-19 strategies and trends VCs: ----------------------- - Top Trends in Venture Capital Investment Today - Vertical Areas of Investment Focus Today - Problems That Are Attracting Large Investment Today Technology: ----------------------- - AI and The Future of Work (AI/ML/DL) - Empowered Edge & Distributed Cloud - Hyper Automation (RPA/BPA/IPA) - Internet of Everything (IoT/IoE) - Cybersecurity (Data Security/Information Security) - Multi-experience (AR/VR/MR) - Human Augmentation - Policies and Leadership - Transparency and Traceability - 5G and Beyond SCHEDULE ---------------- 05:00 PM Opening 05:25 PM - 05:30 PM Welcome note 05:30 PM - 05:55 PM Panel 1 06:00 PM - 06:25 PM Panel 2 06:30 PM - 06:55 PM Panel 3 07:00 PM - 07:25 PM Panel 4 07:30 PM - 07:55 PM Panel 5 08:00 PM - 08:25 PM Panel 6 08:30 PM Closing

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