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Mt. Vernon Stroll - (unguided)

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Mt. Vernon Stroll - (unguided)



***************2021 info **************

We will be informally strolling the grounds at Mt. Vernon. Please visit Mt. Vernon website for admission and rules information.

We will gather at the bowling green gates at 11am (the lawn to take pictures of the front of the house) and stroll for roughly an hour around the estate stopping for lots of photo ops. Obviously, corgis are NOT allowed inside the actual main house/pavilion (but they are allowed in the farm structures)

Please check Mt. Vernon website for venue rules and admission prices etc prior to coming. ADMISSION IS NOT FREE.

Puppy socialization is available that morning at Grist Mill Park followed by "adult time" so please bring out the high energy corgis to let off some steam before coming to Mt. Vernon.

Capital Corgi Meetup Group
Capital Corgi Meetup Group
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3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy · Mt Vernon, VA