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What we’re about

Capital Corgi Club is for all corgis and the humans who love them in the greater Washington metro area. Whether you have one corgi, two corgis or are considering adding a corgi to your family, you and your family are welcome to join us for breed play groups and other corgi related fun.  These events are for the dogs.  Please RSVP the number of Corgis (not humans) attending unless otherwise noted on the event RSVP.  

If you see an event with 12:00 AM that is not a mistake.  I create events with midnight start time as a placeholder slot pending exact details to ensure the event shows up on the calendar in the correct order.  Please be patient with me updating the site.  In 2019 I will be trying out limiting the RSVP start date to less than 30 days out for most events to try to avoid folks signing up weeks in advance, forgetting to update, and then no-showing. 

I do my best to avoid setting up events when other corgi groups have stuff the same day in the same general area to avoid splitting up attendance.  If you have an event you would like to publicize please message me ideally with all the details I need to repost or the link to your event page.  I will only repost events where corgis can attend.   

We have no permanent home so we bounce from location to location. Please check upcoming meetups for our next gathering's location, time and date.  I will try to put any entrance fee or venue rules when I learn of them myself.  Please always be prepared to provide proof of vaccinations etc when attending an indoor venue event just in case it is required.  For puppy safety, no puppy under the age of 16 weeks should attend events as they need to receive last shots at roughly that time.  Aggressive dogs (or humans) will be banned by group consensus. 

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