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Mingle Among some Magnificent Merlot
By now I'm sure you've had many of your friends ask you the question "What's your favorite wine?" now as simple as this question seems to them, it's much like asking a parent, "who is your favorite child?" There are so many choices and so many reasons for enjoying various wines. Such as; What time of year is it? What type of event are you going to? Is it a casual lunch or a power dinner? Is it a warm summer day or a cold winter night? There are so many variables! However, this month we will be tasting the world's favorite wine. Here in the US more glasses of Merlot are poured than any other wine, and this month we will find out why. While our previous month's Cabernet and Syrah are big bold beauties, Merlot has much the same feel without the "rough edges" of it's bigger sisters. It's smoother and gentler, which makes it typically easier to drink. This however tends to lead those in the wine industry to see it as simple, lacking in complexity and character. However, this month you get to be the judge, there has to be a reason that Merlot is so often ordered by the glass, and used all through Europe to blend flavor and texture into various other wines. Since Merlot can range from a big fruit forward wine to a soft and sensitive sip, I've chosen a variety of munchables for this month. -We will have our own mini olive bar with: Kalamata, Nicoise, Picholine, Manzanilla, and Gaeta olives. -Some fresh tasty breads with some interesting tasty oils -Dates, goat cheese, almonds, and prosciutto -The world famous Parmesan Cheese Straws -Some beef tenderloin skewers :-) We will be able to get together, try everything and see how it pairs with our beautiful minx named Merlot :-)


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    We are a group that comes together to taste an assortment of fun and exciting wines and spirits. Each month I gather an assortment of around 6-10 different wines, some appetizers, and different fun activities. It's been an absolute wonderful journey over the last few years, and I'm incredibly excited to see what happens next month!!!! Join us today to discover something new! :-)

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