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Curious about hypnosis? This group exists to let you experience hypnosis for yourself in a safe environment, while you learn how to use hypnosis to improve your life and achieve your goals.

Maybe you've seen a comedy hypnosis show or you've seen hypnosis portrayed in the movies or on TV...and you're wondering what hypnosis can do for you. Well, TV and the movies are all about pictures, and the average clinical hypnosis session isn't very visual, so they have to make things up. And those people who get up on stage at a comedy hypnosis show and act like clowns? They volunteered to be on that stage because they want to act like clowns.

This group is hosted by Jeffrey Richards of Peak Performance Hypnosis, a clinical hypnotist with 20 years of professional experience. You will be safe and respected as you discover hypnosis for yourself.

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