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Pony Pasture Foot & Paddle Orienteering & "diet" Adventure Race
*** There are three possible events going on today! Read the description below fully for all of the details! *** For July we’re planning a 3-hour diet-AR foot and paddle event, (or you can do just the foot or just the paddle sections). The combined race will have a mass start at 9:30. If you are doing just the foot or paddle, you can start any time from then until 11:00. These are earlier times than normal to avoid crowds and parking problems. All courses will close at 12:30pm. Competitors can compete individually or in teams. You’ll need to bring your own boat – kayak or canoe – and you must wear a PFD/LifeVest (regardless of any river rules in place). You’ll also need to be able to negotiate a 100-yard portage by yourself (soft earth – boats can be dragged). After the finish, there will be 350 yards to get boats back to the vehicles – competitors should help each other carry boats. Please Note: This race (the whole race, both foot and paddle) will be postponed if the James River is above about 6 or 7 feet at Westham Gauge. We’ll make that decision on the Saturday and post a note on this site. Registration and Start will be at Pony Pasture, but those who are paddling should drop their boats at Huguenot Flatwater from 8:30am. There will be someone watching the boats, and you can leave any drinks, food, or equipment that you want there (but you will need to bring everything back with you on the boat). Then park at Pony Pasture in time to register. There will be a briefing at 9:20am. The AR will start at 9:30am with foot-orienteering in Pony Pasture then a 2-mile run to Huguenot Flatwater to the boat transition. Competitors will paddle back to Pony Pasture, collecting controls on the islands above and below the Z-Dam, along with some on Williams Island. Finish will be near Half Moon Bay below the last rapids. COURSE DETAILS: The foot orienteering is suitable for beginners. The paddle section includes class II rapids, so please only compete on the paddle section if you are comfortable at that level. As noted above, we are only holding this event if the river is fairly low. If you want to do only the paddle section, note that the paddling starts at Huguenot Flatwater & finishes at Pony Pasture. Registration is at Pony Pasture, & you'll need to figure out your own logistics of boat drop & getting between the 2 locations before/after. Scoring will be 1 point per control and 1 point penalty for each 2 minutes or portion that you're late. STARTS: For the AR, there will be a briefing at 9:20 & a mass start at 9:30am. Those doing just the foot or just the paddle orienteering can start any time 9:40am-11:00am. LOCATION: Start is at Pony Pasture. Drop boats at Huguenot Flatwater (park entry corner of Southampton Rd & Riverside Dr). Park at Pony Pasture main parking lot. Look for signs at both locations. COST: $10 for one set of AR maps. $5 per map for just the foot or just the paddle. OTHER: - Bring your own compass, or borrow one of ours (on a first-come basis). Be prepared to leave car keys or an ID as a deposit when borrowing. - Dress appropriately. Both the foot & paddle sections will have controls in overgrown woodland & long pants are recommended dut to ticks & thorns. Sunscreen, hat, & sunglasses are suggested for the paddle. - Feel free to post comments or contact one of the organizers if you have any questions! *** Our meets wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers. Please consider offering some of your time at this or another upcoming meet. *** +++++ When you RSVP, please answer the question & indicate: (1) Are you doing AR, just foot, or just paddle and how many maps you need for each; (2) if you need beginner instruction, (3) if you can help pick up controls afterwards. This really helps us with planning! +++++ COURSE DESIGNER: Mark Walmsley

James River Park/Pony Pasture

7200 Riverside Dr · Richmond, VA

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The Central Virginia Orienteering Club is a group dedicated to orienteering and adventure racing in the Richmond and central region of Virginia. We are chartered with the national organization, Orienteering USA. Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map & compass and can be done on foot, bike, or by boat.

Head out into the woods to find specific locations shown on your map, making choices along the way of the best routes between them. Orienteering is great for improving your map reading or wilderness navigation skills or preparing for adventure races. Race against the clock for the shortest time or do it as a fun walk in the woods!

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