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Sunday Central Phoenix Writing Workshop Meetup
Welcome to the Sunday Central Phoenix Writing Group. We are a supportive group of writers for authors of all levels, beginning to advanced. Our goal is to provide a community allowing authors to share work on fiction, nonfiction, poetry, blogs, and essays. The key word is supportive. Who should attend: This meeting is an informal gathering for those wishing to improve their writing and willing to assist others in achieving their goals, respectfully. What to bring: Attendees are encouraged to bring pieces to read that they are comfortable sharing. Generally, we suggest anything over 6 pages be read over several sessions. Max word count is 2,500. We recommend bringing at least 6 copies to share, depending on RSVP you may need more. Average groups are 6-8 readers. Please make sure to double space for written feedback. How it works: **The writer posts up their reading word count in the comment section below, before meeting so they can be placed in groups. **Start time is 2 pm. We start on time. Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to order coffee or food and for time to visit. Fair Trade Cafe generously offers us space. Please consider ordering at least a drink. **After being placed in your group, authors will read their works out loud (or ask someone else to) one at a time. During the read, other members with write suggestions followed by verbal feedback. Please make sure and ask if you want specific feedback or an open critique. Some people wish to receive help with their work; others might just want grammar lessons. If someone has lots of feedback, it is usually best to mark up a copy and hand it back. Please, please, post up word count in advance of our meeting--This is important so we can place groups before start time. We strive to start and finish on time.If you will be late but intend to read, let the moderators know in advance. Feel free to check the moderator's guide for additional tips on how the meeting will progress. (

Fair Trade Cafe

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The writing workshops and groups under my sponsorship are a group of community based writing organizations. Our purpose is to stimulate writing literacy, interest, and excellence through meetings, friendships, and peer critique.

- We serve open style critique groups as our mainstay, with the addition of tailored meetings for more involved or specific purposes.

- Our strength is among the community we derive from, and the empowerment of individuals to step up with our mutual support.

- Our secondary goals are to support community based efforts to provide opportunities and connections to help our individual members achieve personal and commercial success.

Documents and Resources - We have posted some resources you may want to check:

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- - Events, Opportunities, and Workshops for Arizona Authors and Writers. (

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Respect does not come from being right. It comes from being wise. We’re not here to tell people the “right way” to do things. We’re here to guide people to the best ways to do things. Most of us are smart and knowledgeable. But our respect comes when we value the knowledge of others above our own.

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