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Wednesday Central Phoenix Writing Workshop Meetup
***IF YOU HAVEN’T ATTENDED BEFORE, PLEASE READ THE NOTE ABOUT PARKING*** Writers gather at the Wednesday Central Phoenix Writing Workshop each week to seek feedback on their work. Regardless of skill level, those who desire improvement and support will discover that this group fulfills that need. The membership is not exclusive, but we are serious about helping authors grow in their ability with a kind and respectful approach. Our community supports an eclectic assortment of poetry and prose, and can provide insight and critique on nearly any type of writing. For those who wish to come to observe at first, we are happy to receive you and your feedback, as well as offer encouragement. Attendees bring work that they are comfortable sharing up to a word count of 2,800. We suggest that you bring six or seven copies to hand out. We spend the first half hour socializing and collecting content for the breakout groups. If you wish to share your work, please sign in with your content by no later than 6:45PM. If you know you will be late, please message the group through the Meetup site with your word count so we can add you to the lineup. Critiques begin at 7PM. The authors take turns reading their work out loud while the other members write comments on the copies, and then provide feedback. We take a seven to ten minute break around 8PM. The meeting usually ends at, or a little before, 9PM. PARKING NOTE: Hob Nobs’ small parking lot fills quickly on Wednesday. A few spots on the east side of 3rd Ave. may be available, but 3rd Ave. runs one-way heading north and is not accessible from McDowell. The best parking options can be found a block south, around the corner on Lynwood, either east or west of 3rd Ave. Allow yourself a few minutes extra to find parking.

Hob Nobs Coffee House

149 W. McDowell Road · Phoenix, AZ


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The writing workshops and groups under my sponsorship are a group of community based writing organizations. Our purpose is to stimulate writing literacy, interest, and excellence through meetings, friendships, and peer critique.

- We serve open style critique groups as our mainstay, with the addition of tailored meetings for more involved or specific purposes.

- Our strength is among the community we derive from, and the empowerment of individuals to step up with our mutual support.

- Our secondary goals are to support community based efforts to provide opportunities and connections to help our individual members achieve personal and commercial success.

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Respect does not come from being right. It comes from being wise. We’re not here to tell people the “right way” to do things. We’re here to guide people to the best ways to do things. Most of us are smart and knowledgeable. But our respect comes when we value the knowledge of others above our own.

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