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Monday Nights @ Revolution Cafe! -- Yup, it's weekly!:)
Hi there all Classical Music Lovers, *FYI: This event is for casual drop-in and informational. So it is NOT meant to be a real coordinated meetup headed by organizer UNLESS he/she announces so. Please look up RSVP list and see who's coming, and introduce each other if you happen to recognize from the list. Also, if members decide to meet, feel free (and we definitely encourage you!) to use our meetup communication tools (i.e. RSVP comment and/or Post a comment section below the posting) to coordinate such meetings. Thanks! Come and be part of this live classical music experience @ Revolution Cafe every Monday night! Not sure what kind of stress you may have or anything rolled over from past month, don't you think you deserve just a few hours out of entire month at least relaxing and unwinding yourself from all that? I am[masked]...% positive about that. Okie, here's a juicy detail about what this weekly event is about. Special thanks to Charith (leader of chamber group) & Brian (asst. organizer), who first introduced me to the event like this @ Socha Cafe past year & also inspired me in many ways… I am sure a number of you already heard about this before by now. Revolution Cafe is located in the Mission SF. This venue is hosting a live classical music jam by the Classical Revolution led by Charith Premawardhana every Monday evening from 8 until close to 11. Of course you are not obligated to stay until the end. Please try the link Classical Revolution, and find out who they are. I feel that my words aren’t adequate enough to describe this talented passionate classical musician group. Bottom line: I luuu…vit period!:) It’s free and donation’s suggested. The venue also offers great selection of food, goodies, and drinks, and they are decently priced too. Come around 8 to be seated within good proximity to the music. Unfortunately(?)There's no public program posting for this event ahead of time. You just come & find out what's on the menu for the evening! Generally I like the idea of being surprised… believe it or not it has been so haha!:) Well, I’ve been enjoying a lot since the ambience intertwined with live classical music there is really something very unique and friendly to all listeners regardless. Plus it helps me decompress from work/study stress. Forget not to mention schmoozing with like-minded folks with live classical music playing in the background is definitely worth craving. Hope it will do more or less the same benefit to you if you are like me. So, please feel free to join other classical music fellas for this weekly schmooze time @ Revolution Cafe. Please come early to sit inside near the bar since it tends to get a little too smoky out toward entrance & window.

Revolution Cafe

3248 22nd St · San Francisco, CA

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Hi there, my name is Erika, the organizer for the group and also the founder. I'd like to tell you a bit about this group. It's very dynamic in that you get to do just about anything that has to do with our classical music theme and friendship (e.g., audienceship, performance and learning). As facilitator of the group I do ask for at least a minimal commitment to the group in order to make it worthwhile for you and your fellow participants. Your active participation is necessary! This group is where it is today because of our active members with the group. Over the past year, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback, which would have been impossible without everyone's enthusiastic participation.

Just briefly to tell you about myself and what I believe in, I've been an event organizer for another classical music meetup in the Bay Area with over 1000 members. It was very enjoyable organizing meetups, and I have met and rejoiced with many followers of classical music. It has been such a humbling experience to find that there are infinite ways to integrate the socializing aspect of Meetup via the classical music theme and create new friendships in the process. In fact I've been so into this that I decided to branch out and create a new meetup focused around this idea.

The goal here is for your life to be happily enriched socially and musically via the experience from this Meetup! So, if this is what you are looking for, come and join regardless of pre-existing musical background level, or past level of interest in classical music. You won't be disappointed!

Last but not least, I adamantly believe that "meetup" is a social medium that fuels human communication with increased efficiency. The internet and other cyber tools are just that, tools to better connect and/or facilitate meetings with one another in person. I hope this group does just that and that you will attend many of our upcoming events. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you in future meetups!

Erika, Organizer

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