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The 2019 Sales Recruiter Panel Discussion

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The 2019 Sales Recruiter Panel Discussion


June 2019 is our meetups third annual Sales Recruiter Panel Discussion. The 2017 and 2018 events were successes and we expect 2019 to be huge.

Bring a stack of business cards and connect with Sales Recruiters from various facets of the Denver Recruiting Scene. Learn what is on their minds RE: trends in the Denver market and advise they have for job seekers and those seeking to evolve & transition their careers.

Our 2019 Panelists will include:

Jordan Greenberg, President, The Pinnacle Source

Doug Thorner, Managing Director of Drumfire

Michael Mitchell - Founder, OC Executive Search

Sydney Artt, Senior Recruiter at Sumo Logic

Michaela M. Guzzi, Managing Partner, GoldenHire Consulting

As always, Pizza, Salad, beer, wine and other beverages will be served.

• What to bring
$5 donation per person is suggested. If anyone wants to contribute to the Pizza fund but didn't have small bills with you, I can always accept PayPal to or you can Venmo to 4152657434

2000 S. Colorado Blvd., ., Tower One, 2nd Floor · Denver, co