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If you want to make money in real estate the best and most important decision you will ever make will be to join the Columbus Real Estate Investors Association. We are the biggest and best in the state of Ohio and we will be able to offer you incredible opportunities. You must surround yourself with experienced people in order to succeed at the Columbus REIA that's what we do, all day every day! WATCH:
You will be surrounded with experts, professionals, national speakers, in addition to folks who are just beginning and want to learn the ropes of real estate investing. We have beginners, intermediates, pro's, experts, and the mega-wealthy as well. Our clubs are featured in Money magazine, CNN, and numerous other venues as one of the best ways to take your real estate investing to the next level.
It's often said that your income will be the average of the income of the five people you hang around with most, if you need to change that average then come to the next meeting and we will help you succeed!

Steve Zehala Executive Director Real Estate Investors Assoc of Columbus | Real Estate Investments Offc: 614-258-1000 | Fax : 614-737-5304 | 458 N. Cassady Ave. Bexley Oh 43209 (2nd Floor) www.ColumbusReia.Co

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