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Really happy to announce Doug Sillars will be presenting at our October meetup. Doug is a Web Google Developer Expert, focusing on testing mobile app/web performance - to speed up applications through simple network optimisations. He has been focusing on images and video streaming recently as well. The average website page weight is 50% images and 25% video. As the images and videos delivered to mobile devices get larger and larger, the load time of websites gets slower and slower. Further complicating matters, there are thousands of screens and devices with varying resolutions and CPU power that receive this content. In this talk, we’ll examine strategies to send the perfect image or video to every device, ensuring a fast, beautiful rendering of your content. We’ll look at how to test our content, and describe responsive images, delivering progressive images, and finally optimizing all of this content for fast delivery to each screen. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to efficiently deliver beautiful images to every device that accesses their content. My LinkedIn resume Website: Link to my O’Reilly book:

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