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Interested in C++ present and future? Want to improve your skills and knowledge - or just hang out with like-minded individuals?
This group is part of the worldwide network of C++ experts, professionals and amateurs (https://meetingcpp.com/usergroups/) who like to discuss the state of C++, what we can do with it, and how we can do it better. We welcome people from *all* parts of the community - very much including those that identify as minorities.

Our aim is to meet once a month with talks and potentially other activities.

If you'd like to present please fill out this simple form. (http://cpplondon.org/speak)

Our ground rules are documented in the Berlin Code of Conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/)

The mandelbrot set image in the background is used courtesy of Manfred Zabarauskas (http://blog.manfredas.com/the-hard-way-is-the-right-way/).

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The C++ LDN && Rust talks (part 2)

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Following on from last month's extraordinarily successful joint meet-up with the Rust London group, we're back with another cross-over event. This time it will, technically, be C++ London hosting Rust London (last month it was the other way around) - but you'll probably not notice much difference (proving that ownership is hard!). We have another great pair of talks, this time from members of the Rust community. If you're wondering where all the pure C++ content has gone, don't worry, we'll be resuming our usual pattern from next month (although there will be more opportunities to follow up on the intersection of ideas - stay tuned for more on that). We're also going to start a little earlier this time as we found that we ended up finishing quite late last time, and some had to drop off before the end. Agenda: 18:30: Phil & Ernest - "Intro and news" 18:50: James Munns - "Rust: Access All Arenas" Over the past five and a half years since its 1.0 release, Rust has started to become the language of choice for developers across a wide variety of applications and industries. This talk will explore where the language came from, the challenges it was designed to overcome, and how people have started to apply Rust to areas above and beyond the original intent. In particular, James will focus on areas like web assembly, embedded systems, and even moving into the safety-critical domain with efforts like Sealed Rust - that have been rapidly picking up steam in the Rust developer communities 19:40 break 20:00 Mikhail Voronov - "FCE: using interface types for server-side WebAssembly modules" This talk is dedicated to the Fluence Compute Engine – FCE (github.com/fluencelabs/fce). FCE is an engine intended to run multi-module WebAssembly applications with the shared-nothing linking scheme and with interface-types support. In particular, the following topics will be highlighted in this talk: - Why the state of the interface-types proposal is essential for all ecosystems using Wasm, - Why Rust is one of the most suitable languages for any projects using Wasm, - FCE architecture, - Support of interface-types in Fluence Rust SDK (github.com/fluencelabs/rust-sdk). 20:30ish - chatting and socialising at Remo tables --- About the speakers: James is an embedded systems engineer, with a history of working on software for a wide range of systems, including safety-critical avionics, and rapidly prototyped IoT systems. James is a founding member of the Rust [Embedded Working Group](https://github.com/rust-embedded/wg), as well as a founder of [Ferrous Systems](https://ferrous-systems.com), a consultancy focused on systems development in Rust, with a speciality in embedded systems development. James is working hard to bring Rust to new places in the embedded domain, including efforts to qualify the Rust language for use in safety-critical systems through the [Sealed Rust](https://ferrous-systems.com/blog/sealed-rust-the-plan/) initiative, and building easy to use open source tooling in the [Knurling-rs](https://github.com/knurling-rs) project. Mikhail is a system programmer with a strong knowledge of OS internals and process virtual machines architecture.

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