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Due to Covid-19 and our responsibility to practice social distancing, we will be meeting via Zoom until it is deemed safe to have personal contact again. We hope you'll join us. Stay Healthy and Stay Home.

Are you craving deeper connections in life? Not only with other people, but within yourself, the environment around you, the physical world you live in, the infinite universe, or The Divine itself?

Whether you feel it through your mind, your body, or inner being, deep connection eludes many of us, in part due to the noise of the distractions around us every day. Technology, social media, cultural expectations, schedules too busy to manage, and more, can all dampen our ability to make the very connections we're craving for in our everyday lives.

Our goal is to create opportunities for you to experience these connections, that will allow you to find more satisfaction and wholeness in your life. Creating Connection BC is sponsored by Community of Christ Canada. For more information or to find a group near you, please contact info@CreatingConnectionBC.ca

We are affiliated with Creating Connection Canada, a network of more than twenty inclusive communities across Ontario committed to sharing authentic conversation and promoting meaningful activities, including: coffee & conversation, adult colouring, drumming circles, mindfulness meditation, yoga, lifelong learning & lectures, and knitting circles. Our mission is to invite everyone into community, to continually learn & grow, to abolish poverty & end needless suffering, to pursue peace & justice, and to live life meaningfully together.

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Coffee and Meaningful Conversation - How do you hope to be remembered?

Our topics this week: How do you hope to be remembered? What do you do now to make the world a better place? "Creating Connection One Conversation at a Time" You are warmly invited for some meaningful conversation, to connect with others and to meet new friends, as we discuss a new topic each week and explore some deeper questions together. In this safe, inclusive, casual, and accepting environment, dialogue is encouraged over debate as each person has opportunity to share from their own diverse perspectives and experiences. Folks in this group enjoy going beyond small talk, reflecting both inward and outward, helping build pathways for more peace and understanding in the world... and your voice matters! Come, simply to discover yourself amidst a community on a common journey, or to leave just a little bit better then you came. Come, listen, share, and find meaning here. We welcome you."

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