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From the long lost Creator of Dive Bar Adventures, Social Detective Agency and Champagne Campers... The Re-Opening of Los Angeles's Largest Urban Culture Meetup group... Yea, I'm BAAAAACK!!!

Meet others who lack true refinement, lack a regal heritage, and lack a superior attitude towards all live cultural events.

Yet live to experience live theater of all sorts, art galleries, dance troupes, and exotic nightlife. Culture is absorbed by bliss-full ignorance of any stuffy erudite concepts or serious academic analysis. We know Picasso is good, we just don't care why. We just want to absorb it and see what if any of it sticks to our minds...

Each Sponge event: We meet in the midst of a new exotic curious cultural event, we explore as a group this "Sub-Culture" in the culture's native wear, finally we share photos of the food, fun, and freaky people we discovered from our weird adventures via a rest stop lounge.

CULTURE SPONGES: Think of iphonography meets Urban Adventure meets LA Nightlife! (Android and Blackberry Great too)

So sign up, take a tour of a new niche in the city, and then share what you found interesting with your other Culture Spongers while sipping exotic teas, coffee or booze!

Past events (186)

Social Mixer *Just For* Effusively Affectionate People! Be with Your Peers!

NO VISIBLE STREET ADDRESS! Enter Gate w/LEARNING GARDEN Sign: 1st Driveway, East Side of Walgrove, South of Venice Blvd, Corner

Exhilarating Chakra Breathwork w/Movement/Touch/Ch­­­­­ant: Series/Pre-Register

West LA Address Provided Upon Pre-Registration: OUTDOORS If No Rain

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