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This is a group for anyone interested in discussing Data Management (Guided by DMBok V2) in Southern Africa.
We will discuss anything to do with the data management and will be guided by the DAMA DMBoK V2 for definitions of the data management knowledge areas

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Data Management for Data Managers

Online event

Data Management for Data Managers.

We will be discussing Data Management Maturity Assessments.
How can you mature your Data using the DMBOK v2.

What challenges do you experience?
How can we get the Basics right?

How do we Manage the maturity of our Data and what are the outcomes of assessing maturity?

Join us to learn more.
All are welcome!

CDMP Q&A Webinar

Online event

Are you interested in the DAMA CDMP Certification... But not completely sure what it is all about, or how to get it? Please join us to find out more!

Data Management for Certification - ONLINE - R9200.00 for 4 days

Due to COVID-19, we have changed the Data Management for Certification to a 4-day online course (9am to 3pm) on MS Teams. Students receive a fundamental understanding of the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK Version 2) which contributes to the CDMP examination preparation. Included are Study Notes, practise quizzes and a four-week study programme. Students should write the DM Fundamentals exam as soon as possible after this.

Course Description
For each Knowledge Area of the DAMA DMBoK, the focus is on understanding the data management function framework according to:

- Goals & Principles - Organization & Culture
- Essential Concepts
- Activities - Deliverables
- Practices & Techniques - Technology
- Roles & Responsibilities

Day 1
Data Management
Data Governance
Data Quality
Data Management Maturity Assessment
Data Organisational Roles and Expectations
Data Organisational Change Management
Data Architecture
Data Modelling and Design

Day 2
Data Architecture
Data Modelling and Design
Metadata Management

Day 3
Data Integration and Interoperability
Reference and Master Data
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Big Data and Data Science

Day 4
Data Storage and Operations
Data Security
Document and Content Management
Data Handling Ethics

Cost: R[masked] including VAT

Email Paul [masked] to book your place.
Otherwise, please leave your email address and we will contact you.

DAMA SA - In's and Out's of Data Modelling

Online event

Polyglot persistence lets enterprises store different kinds of data in different data stores, depending on how data is being used. The trend complements the evolution towards microservices and introduces a whole range of new questions about the consistency of the data and consistency of the data structure. The same data is described over and over again, in different languages, different formats, and different data types. As a result, things get lost and out of sync, leading to data quality challenges.

Having a single source-of-truth and lifecycle management for your schemas can be a real challenge at scale when applications keep evolving at a rapid speed. While logical data models have served us well in the relational world, we've come to realize their limitations when it comes to big data hierarchical structures and polymorphism.

In this session, we will look at the available options to define structures once, so they can be reused in a variety of different target databases, storage formats, and communication protocols.

Speaker: Pascal Desmarets: Pascal Desmarets is the Founder/CEO of Hackolade. He leads the company and all efforts involving business strategy, product innovation, and customer relations, as it focuses on producing user-friendly, powerful visual tools to smooth the onboarding of NoSQL technology in corporate IT landscapes.

Hackolade is the pioneer for data modeling of NoSQL and multi-model databases, providing a comprehensive suite of data modeling tools for various NoSQL databases and APIs. Hackolade is the only data modeling tool for MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra, ArangoDB, BigQuery, Couchbase, Cosmos DB, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, EventBridge Schema Registry, Glue Data Catalog, HBase, Hive, Firebase/Firestore, MarkLogic, Amazon Neptune, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redshift, ScyllaDB, Snowflake, Synapse, TinkerPop, etc. It also applies its visual design to Avro, JSON Schema, ORC, Parquet, Protobuf, Swagger and OpenAPI, and is rapidly adding new targets for its physical data modeling engine.

The software is user-friendly and simple to use yet provides powerful visuals and graphic data modeling to smooth the onboarding of NoSQL technology. Its software tools help functional analysts, designers, architects, and DBAs involved with NoSQL technology achieve greater transparency and control, resulting in reduced development time, increased application quality, and lower execution risks across the enterprise.

DAMA SA's - The In's and Out's of Data Modeling with Pascal Pascal Desmarets.
Join us!

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