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Tea with a Topic™: The Self Worth/Show Me the Money Connection

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Are you tired superficial chit chat?

Do you long for meaningful conversation with authentic women like yourself?

Then Tea with a Topic™ is the perfect gathering for you!

April's Topic: The Self Worth/Show Me the Money Connection

What does what you think about yourself have to do with how much money you earn?

What: Tea with a Topic™ is a casual gathering over breakfast and tea where we'll engage in lively discussion around our topic of the month (topics are listed below).

Who: Tea with a Topic™ is facilitated by Daring Divas leader, Kim Shannon, and is designed for thoughtful, open minded, curious, and daring women to build friendship through meaningful conversation.

Where: Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place in downtown Boulder. Check out there yummy, healthy, and gluten free menu here (

When: The 4th Saturday of each month.

Price: There is no cost for this event. You just need to pay for your food/drink.

Parking: Paid street parking out front, free street parking a few blocks away. There's also free parking in the parking garage at Broadway and Spruce about a block and a half away.

Meet your facilitator, Kim Shannon:

Kim Shannon is a Daring Divas event leader and the founder of Good Girls Anonymous™, an internationally recognized coaching program helping women live life on their own terms. Her clients have achieved results in both their personal and professional lives including more fulfilling relationships, less stress, increased confidence and overall happiness. Kim helps women take care of themselves as well as they take care of everyone else.

Kim is a career and relationship coach, a public speaker, and a bestselling author about to publish her next book, The Good Girl Addiction in Spring 2014.

2014 “Tea with a Topic” Schedule of Events

January: “Lean In” to Your Business and Life (
A casual discussion about Sheryl Sandberg book “Lean In” and what “leaning in” means for you in your business and personal life.

February: Introvert, Extrovert, Oh My! (
A casual discussion on being successful in life, love and business no matter your personality type.

March: Obligations and Expectations (
Are your “shoulds” and “have tos” holding you back or propelling you forward?

April: The Self-Worth/Show Me the Money Connection (
What does what you think about yourself have to do with how much money you earn?

May: Can You Live “Unbusy”? (
Can living “unbusy” bring the freedom, joy and success you deserve?

June: Saying NO Without Guilt, Shame or Regret (
A casual discussion on what it means to create strong boundaries and say no without sounding like a bitch.

July: Self Promotion Struggles (
Are you flirting with a fraud complex? Have trouble “tooting your own horn?” A casual discussion on being your own best seller in business and life.

August: Your WHY? (
Have you found your reason to get out of bed in the morning? Your WHY is completely unique to you.

September: Inner Glass Ceiling (
What holds you back? A casual discussion on the internal dialogue and limiting beliefs that hold us back from what we truly want and deserve in life, love and business.

October: Using Your Intuition (
Are you intuitive? Can you actively access it on a daily basis? What does it mean to live an intuitive life? How can your intuition help you in business?

November: YOU in the Numbers (
What do you know about numerology? How knowing your Birth Path can unveil your true work in the world and set a direct course for success and happiness.

December: Give Yourself a Gift (
If you could give yourself your most long-held, cherished, heartfelt, loving gift this holiday season what would it be? What gift would you give yourself, your community, the world?

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