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The Data Science Initiative (DSI) is an initiative that aims to create an environment where anyone with a passion for Data Science can learn this field at an introductory, intermediate, and/or advanced level. The initiative's main objective is to equip students with the right skills to enter the growing and expanding market of data science.

As a member of the DSI you will be able to learn about the different tools, methods, and technologies being used within the data science community. You will be exposed to real-world use case scenarios of data science in the industry and academia. You will learn about how machine learning is used to predict stock market trends, how natural language processing is used to determine the sentiment on a particular topic, how programming languages like R, Clojure, and Python are leading the way in performing data analysis, how NoSQL databases are providing a new paradigm to store unstructured data retrieved from social networks, sensors, log files, etc., how technologies like Hadoop are revolutionising data processing and parallel computing, how recommendations systems work inside Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, how DNA sequencing is being facilitated by machine learning algorithms, how data mining is helping in better understanding human-environment interactions and social economic dynamics, how predictive analytics is helping today's business leaders in making key decisions and transforming their businesses into huge success stories and many more.

Besides the intellectual juice we'll provide with a warm and welcoming social environment.


What are the events organized by DSI like?

The events usually include technical presentations on topics relevant to Data Science at an introductory/intermediate/or advanced level. They are followed by a networking session where members can have the chance to enjoy friendly conversations.

Do I need to have prior technical/programming knowledge to join the DSI?

No programming knowledge is required to attend our events. The events are dedicated to people coming from a range of disciplines and experiences with a passion for data science.

Is there a membership fee?

Joining the DSI is absolutely free.

What do I benefit by joining the DSI?

You will have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge technologies and industry practices currently being applied in Big Data projects across a range of industry sectors. Furthermore, you will have the chance to meet interesting people and forge new contacts that will prove to be valuable in the future for your personal and career development.

How do I register for an event?

To register for an event you must first join our meetup group. You can do that by clicking on the 'Join Us' button on the top-right corner. After you join us, you will be able to explore future events and add yourself to the attendees list. It's that simple!

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