Data Viz Speed Dating (with the XDS meetup)

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Whether you’re starting out or already an expert, we invite you to attend our technical workshop about the process of building data stories from scratch.

NOTE: this session is designed for front-end devs and data scientists who want to learn more about the tools and techniques for data storytelling.

In the style of speed dating, you will pass through a series of stations each with an expert demonstrating a particular tool or technique, from the simple to the more involved. You’ll have the chance to trial approaches, ask questions and leave the session full of ideas of tech, tools and techniques to up your data viz game.

Station & Speakers
• D3.js Overview by Chi-Loong (Founder of V/R -
You'll find out how D3 works as library, what it can do, the most useful sub-libraries/components and major chart archetypes to get you started

• D3.js Case Study by Dylan Ng (Lead Developer at Kontinentalist)
You'll get a taste of what goes into creating a D3 visualisation by looking at the output & the magic behind it

• ggplot: Building interactive charts in R by Xiao Shuang Na (Data Scientist at Synthesis)
R expert Xiao Shuang Na will go through the core features & functionality of ggplot and demonstrate moving from static to interactive visualisations

• QGIS 101 by Aditya Raju (Frontend Developer at Synthesis)
You'll see what goes into analysing and visualising geospatial data on QGIS, right from installing it to manipulating fields to style the map

• Next level Tableau by Mrinal Daryani (Senior Analytics Consultant at Tableau)
Mrinal will explain what goes on behind-the-scenes of Tableau’s interface, demonstrate a few examples, and also share how it can be used in the data scientist’s workflow

• Introduction to Scrollytelling by Thong Yong Jun (Senior Developer at Straits Times)
Senior developer at ST, Thong Yong Jun will showcase techniques and JS libraries to create scrolly-telling stories plus some best practices

• The magic behind Mapbox by Rifqi Ruhyattamam and Joceline Kuswanto (Full-stack Developer at Kontinentalist)
Joceline and Rifqi will cover how Mapbox can be used as a storytelling tool and the nuts and bolts behind data storytelling.

You'll leave the session inspired to dive deeper into the tools you found most interesting, ready to kickstart your visualisation game & participate in part III of the series, a data storytelling challenge where you'll have the chance to win lots of exciting prizes. More details coming soon, stay tuned!

Data Viz SG is running this event together with Experimental Data Science Meetup group (