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This group is a support group for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), providing helpful strategies and information for how to manage day-to-day obstacles and thrive with the condition.

Not ADHD but ADD? This group is still for you too. There is much confusion surrounding the label. ADHD is an umbrella label that also includes three presentations of ADHD, including ADHD without hyperactivity. Still confused? That's Ok. Come to the group and we can help you gain a better understanding.

The group is facilitated by an ADHD coach, Meredith Shultz, from ADDjust Course Coaching.

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Habit Stacking

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ADHD Learning: Pillz vs Skillz

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Adulting with ADHD: Paying Bills On Time

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Learn about your ADHD: Our Emotional Range: 1 or 10

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