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This is a group for anyone interested in Near Death Experiences and spiritually transformative exploration. We are an eclectic group which has been meeting for four years. Some of us are near-death or Out of Body experiencers, some heard about others’ NDEs and OBEs, some had other transformative spiritual insights, some are just curious. Our free meetings have speakers or workshops and lively, heartfelt, small group discussions. Voluntary donation for our Meetup web hosting is just $5. This helps us maintain our meetup site in order to reach out to more people. We usually meet just west of downtown Denver (29th and Federal) on 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. You are invited to attend once or many times. For more online about NDEs, go to IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies at http://iands.org/home.html . Another great resource for information about OBEs, NDEs, and psychic phenomena is the International Academy of Consciousness: www.iacworld.org.

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Reincarnation: How the Soul Evolves with Roger and Diana Ringo

Near Death Experience and Spiritual Development Center

Where do we go when we pass on, die? How does reincarnation impact my daily life? Who will be meeting me when I transition to the next dimension? These questions and more will be discussed by Roger Ringo, Author and Spiritual Educator. Most people are not aware of the subtle ways past lifetimes affect their current life. Learn how previous lifetimes affect personal relationships, interaction dynamics with children, and career choices. They also help explain why we like certain types of people and avoid others. There are three dimensions, or levels, of afterlife. This one topic will have a profound impact in answering many questions. Everyone needs to have a contemporary understanding of Reincarnation and Life After Death to successfully navigate life on planet earth. You will not want to miss this extraordinary presentation. Bring any question you have about reincarnation and learn compelling new insights. Do not miss this extraordinary presentation and keep an open mind to unconventional insights. Mr. Ringo has been guiding people through the maze of reincarnation and karma myths for over thirty years. He is also a mentor is helping people master angel communication.

Behind The Scenes With The Starseeds: Michael Orwig

Near Death Experience and Spiritual Development Center

Michael will be sharing stories he has collected about these amazing children that have been coming to our planet. Also, there will be an interactive discussion on different ways we can support them. All of humanity is going through an awakening from third density consciousness. It is part of our evolution and the children that are coming onto Earth at this time are a major part of this shift. As you know, a great deal of society is still working from paradigms tied to the past. We need to develop entirely new paradigms. Website …Michael is creating a very special website that will be a combination of all forms of wisdom that parents of the new generations are going to need. He needs your help. He will be interviewing all kinds of different people from around the globe. If you know of someone who has wisdom and understandings that you think would be helpful in this endeavor, please make sure that you connect with Michael this evening. Certainly, any technical help would also be appreciated. Bio…Michael Orwig is an international speaker and author. He has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology from Duke University and a Master’s degree in Mind Based Medicine and Hypnotherapy from Quantum University. As a former 747 Captain he has traveled the world connecting and healing the subtle energy grids of our planet. His first book Clear Crystal Visions was released in 2005 and covers this subject. Michael has studied and taught esoteric wisdom for more than 20 years. He and his wife Allyn live in Littleton, Colorado.

How Spiritual Perception Creates a Joy Filled Perspective: with Joe Legolvan

Near Death Experience and Spiritual Development Center

In this talk, Joe will discuss the practice and philosophy of receiving encouraging and healing messages from spirit. Joe will also lead the group in a guided mediation/hypnotherapy session. He will also be discussing the philosophy of his recently published book called “the story teller.” The major points are: identifying with our eternal self, how NDE’s and CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy) splendidly collide, how spiritual perspective allows one to playfully and joyfully experience the "game of life," and how true compassion is not possible without detachment. Joe Legolvan Licensed hypnotherapist and co-founded the Denver Near Death Experience and Spirituality group with Dougy Richards. He has been interested in spirituality since his teens when he had an STE (i.e., Spirituality Transformation Experience) / miracle that occurred during a traumatic experience. Joe has spent the last decade as a counselor in the jail system working with inmates of all levels, from drug addicts to rapist, and murderers. Using the knowledge about spirituality and NDEs, he has attempted to communicate to these people about their real identity beyond their temporary situation and actions. Over the years he learned how to give spiritual readings and have used this ability to communicate personal messages to inmates and others.

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Near Death Experience and Spiritual Development Center

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