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Esoteric Aspects of the Afterlife Experience with Lindsey Scott
Lindsey Morgan Scott was just 8 years old when she found out her sister Angela had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. During their hospital visits, strange phenomenon begun to occur between her and Angela. A deep, empathetic connection was formed. Lindsey believed this connection had ended with her sister's passing, but it was only the beginning. Angela returned to take Lindsey on an amazing journey through a realm she called "The In Between," a place between heaven and earth. Angela eventually revealed the purpose of her contact, to put an end to the abusive relationship both sisters had endured with their father. Part 2 of this presentation deals with a period only months later. Lindsey, by then 9, experienced a traumatic death at the hands of an adult family member under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Scott will present the Near Death Experience from the point of view of a child, including the presence of animals in the afterlife, living outside the boundaries or time and space, how we create our own reality and the two angels she encountered, a Guardian and a Healer. Lindsey will focus on the more esoteric aspects of the Afterlife Experience. Why do NDE survivors describe an exponential increase in their sense of reality, intelligence, senses and knowledge? How can we escape the reincarnation cycle, what allows one to 'graduate' to Heaven? Is our Creator male or female? Scott will also share her experience in seeing the Hell Realms, the purpose of negative Near Death Experiences and how justice and karma are applied in the afterlife. Finally, she will explain the unique spiritual challenges of those who've survivied traumatic childhoods. Lindsey Morgan Scott has worked in medicine, politics and as an intuitive. Scott received degrees in Psychology and Political Science. She worked as a Democratic fundraiser in numerous local, state end national campaigns. For 16 years she worked as an Intuitive, seeing clients, teaching classes and speaking in both Denver and Austin, TX. Her special skills include being a Medical Intuitive and the ability to read Past Lives. Lindsey is both a NDE Survivor and experienced significant contact with her deceased sister as part of a Shared Death Experience. She is the author of the forecoming memoir, Soul to Keep.

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This is a group for anyone interested in Near Death Experiences and spiritually transformative exploration. We are an eclectic group which has been meeting for four years. Some of us are near-death or Out of Body experiencers, some heard about others’ NDEs and OBEs, some had other transformative spiritual insights, some are just curious. Our free meetings have speakers or workshops and lively, heartfelt, small group discussions. Voluntary donation for our Meetup web hosting is just $5. This helps us maintain our meetup site in order to reach out to more people. We usually meet just west of downtown Denver (29th and Federal) on 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. You are invited to attend once or many times. For more online about NDEs, go to IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies at . Another great resource for information about OBEs, NDEs, and psychic phenomena is the International Academy of Consciousness:

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