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This is a group for anyone interested in Near Death Experiences and spiritually transformative exploration. We are an eclectic group which has been meeting for four years. Some of us are near-death or Out of Body experiencers, some heard about others’ NDEs and OBEs, some had other transformative spiritual insights, some are just curious. Our free meetings have speakers or workshops and lively, heartfelt, small group discussions. Voluntary donation for our Meetup web hosting is just $5. This helps us maintain our meetup site in order to reach out to more people. We usually meet just west of downtown Denver (29th and Federal) on 4th Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. You are invited to attend once or many times.

For more online about NDEs, go to IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies at http://iands.org/home.html . Another great resource for information about OBEs, NDEs, and psychic phenomena is the International Academy of Consciousness: www.iacworld.org.

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John J. Davis's Near-Death Experience

Online event

When John J. Davis was twenty-one, he died while having surgery and was dead for 7 minutes of Earth time. Rather than seeing a light and going through a tunnel, he was immediately transported to another realm where souls return after their life on earth. He saw an individual who recently crossed meeting with guides and departed loved ones. He was given a tour of beautiful buildings and peeked at what could be called the Akashic Records. John’s guide, Allen, took him on a once in a lifetime adventure showing John our real home with amazing detail and clarity. John was given a tour of what it’s like and what we do. He explored a realm where souls study Earth’s history, view the vast cosmos, and continue to learn and grow in other amazing ways. John’s NDE included information about afterlife activities, our beloved pets on the Other Side, and how we plan our lives before going to earth.

John J. Davis works in finance and lives in Colorado. He has been interviewed about his NDE on Sandra Champlain’s “We Don’t Die” Radio, IANDS NDE Radio with Lee Witting, and the Afterlife Topics & Metaphysics YouTube channel with Cyrus Kirkpatrick. He loves to share his NDE and discuss it, especially with other experiencers who have gone to similar places.

* From 6:30 to 7 PM Mountain time, we will have an open forum for socializing. At 7 PM, John will begin his talk.

Timeless Luminosity: Robert Aho's Near-Death Experience & Buddhist Perspective

Robert Aho experienced an NDE during a heart procedure in 2016, and another much smaller NDE in 2021, during another heart procedure.

Robert’s 2016 Near Death Experience began by immediately appearing in light, and completely disappearing into that for an eternity, where the light and he were one. Slowly, very slowly, visions of swirling colors and rays of light began to appear. In that condition, consciousness began to manifest once more, along with memories of having once been a person. Being in that dimension happened over what could have been a hundred years. Robert will explain being immediately integrated into that inexplicable light and describe chanting mantras and forming mudras over that time, then deciding that he must come back to write, bringing benefit to all. Then, Robert appeared back in his body, after being dead for only five minutes in the hospital.

Although Robert is a Buddhist, and has written two books from that perspective, he will put this talk in terms that non-Buddhists can utilize, without having to delve into a long discussion about typical Buddhist terminology.

About the Speaker:

Robert Aho lives in a secluded pine forest on a lake in northern Minnesota, with wolves, deer and other wildlife always close by. Although he has had several Buddhist teachers of various backgrounds, his main practice is Dzogchen. Robert has led meditation groups, providing meditation instruction two or three times a week for a few years, written two books, Timeless Luminosity (https://www.amazon.com/Timeless-Luminosity-Robert-Aho/dp/B086PMNJ9F) and The Frog: A Spiritual
Autobiography, Spanning Many Lifetimes (https://www.amazon.com/Frog-Spiritual-Autobiography-Spanning-Lifetimes/dp/B099TL5YCM), given talks all over the world, written weekly newsletters on meditation teachings and organized many meditation retreats. As part of his daily life, Robert practices architecture, and has done numerous activities related to this, written articles, organized and led events. Robert also keeps busy with a wide variety of various creative endeavors, such as poetry, prose, painting and photography.

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