Monthly DenverScript Meetup

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Whats going on in JavaScript Land? (20min)

We'll be talking about new/exciting things going on in the industry. If you have something you think we should mention, feel free to tweet us @DenverScript (

Shorter Presentation(10 - 15min):

Types in Elm -- Sean Helvey

Sean Helvey will give a brief intro to types in Elm, showing how they can be super fun and useful.

Longer Presentation(20 - 30min):

End to End Testing: The Game Has Changed -- Will Klein

Testing our JavaScript apps has come a long way. For years we relied on Selenium Webdriver to automate browser testing from outside the browser. Now we can use tools like Cypress to interact from the same JavaScript runtime as our app, without relying on remote APIs, language bindings, or browser-specific drivers.

Let’s explore how Cypress created a new testing platform to enable an awesome developer experience. This includes “native” debugging and time travel capabilities. We’ll walkthrough using Cypress and how it all works, so we can deliver better, well-tested software.


We'll have beer and pizza! We'll also allow people to announce any job opportunities they may have at that time so you can socialize with potential applicants.