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Welcome to the Denver Tarot Meetup!


The Denver Tarot Meetup Group is an open community dedicated to the practice of tarot. We offer a safe and encouraging place for new and experienced readers to read for each other, learn, and share their knowledge on all things tarot. There's so much information and different opinions out there that you'll never be bored.

A Wide Variety of Events Each Month


The Denver Tarot Meetup currently offers seven regular meetups a month plus special events. We host:

• Learning workshops on the third Saturday of each month

• All-level tarot socials around the metro on the weekends

• Intermediate/Advanced tarot discussion group

• A variety of special events

Learning Workshops - Learn Something New


We offer low-priced workshops on the third Saturdays featuring a guest speaker who is an experienced teacher, community leader, and recognized expert in the field. Throughout its history, Denver Tarot Meetup has hosted the best and brightest tarot readers and experts from the Denver metro area and beyond. These events introduce innovative techniques, deepen your understanding of basic tarot approaches, add practical skills to your toolbox, increase your proficiency, and provide space for personal development while you practice your craft.

1st Tuesday Tarot - Share Your Knowledge


1st Tuesday Tarot offers presentations from you and your peers. DTM members are given the opportunity to sign up to share on the tarot topic of their choosing. It's ideal for first-time presenters and those giving a new topic its public debut "test drive." And attendees, you can count on having some focused reading time to experiment, as we use our cards to explore what we've just learned. This event is on hiatus pending finding a volunteer to organize it.

Tarot Socials - Fun with Friends


Join us on the weekends for our popular Tarot Socials, casual meetups offered in your neck of the woods. These are great for newcomers and beginners--we share our decks, do readings, and discuss thoughts and questions about tarot in an open format. So come by even if you don't own a deck and bring a friend who's new to tarot.

Intermediate Tarot Discussion Group

In collaboration with the Denver Tarot Geeks ( https://www.meetup.com/Denver-Tarot-Geeks/ ), we offer an intermediate level discussion group to exchange ideas about tarot history and philosophy. A topic is pre-chosen and one of the regular group participants facilitates the conversation. Topics usually focus on the esoteric tarot, including studying the qabalistic and astrological correspondences of the cards for personal growth as well as deepening our understanding of the cards.

Special Events - Rub Shoulders with Tarot Celebrities


We also feature special events throughout the year in which we bring in out-of-town luminaries for talks, workshops, and classes or partner with another meetup to offer a joint event. We've featured a variety of top tarot teachers, including Martien & Teressena Bakens (Fifth Tarot), Barbara Moore (Steampunk Tarot and many others), James Wanless (Voyager Tarot), Katrina Wynne (Oracle Soup podcast), Shaheen Miro (Tattered Nomad Oracle), Beth Seilonen (Dream Raven Tarot and many others), Erik Dunne (Tarot Illuminati), Toney Brooks (Chrysalis Tarot), and Vicki Noble (Motherpeace Tarot).


But best of all, the Denver Tarot Meetup is a fun way to make new friends in a creative community that supports you, challenges you, inspires you, and welcomes you.

Upcoming events (5+)

Highlands Ranch: Tarot Social South

Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop


Denver Tarot Meetup Journeys South! Tarot Social South is an entertaining and casual Tarot meetup. We welcome new and experienced Tarot enthusiasts to share ideas and lively conversation. This is a great place to learn and make Tarot friends as we showcase our decks, learn techniques and do readings. We meet at Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop and Gameporium. Easy to get to - Take I-25 north or south exit West on East County Line Road then go South on South Colorado Blvd and left at Siskin Avenue. Turn at the first right into the shopping complex on the East side of the street. Tarot Social South begins at 11:00 am thru 1:00 pm on the 4th Saturday of each month. Please Thank Enchanted Grounds for hosting us with your food and beverage purchases. **Tarot Social South is now accepting donations to support this event and all of the great DTM activities held throughout the year - $2-3 suggested donation** We look forward to seeing you!

Aurora: Tarot Social East

Carino Coffee


**Tarot Social East is now accepting donations to support this event and all of the great DTM activities held throughout the year - $2-3 suggested donation** Denver Tarot Meetup travels East and experiences tastes of the South! Tarot Social East carries on the tradition of the Denver Tarot Meetup by bringing together tarot enthusiasts in a fun and casual environment. Whether you are a beginner just starting your journey, or an advanced reader who wants to hone your craft, join us while we exchange ideas, techniques, readings and more! Our Aurora host is Carino Coffee, a friendly, Latin cafe. We will be meeting the first Saturday of every month from 11:00 to 1:00, so join us when you can. **Carino Coffee is a lovely, coffee shop, waitstaff and table side service is not their model. There are vaulted ceilings and a singer from 11:00 to Noon so we will try and meet as close to the beautiful waterfront mural inside of the office complex to provide for easy hearing of our group's conversations, weather permitting we can also meet outside of the coffee shop** The event is free, but ordering from Carino Coffee is encouraged as a thank you for hosting us. We are also open to the public so bring a friend along. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Lakewood: Tarot Social West

Hello Coffee


Welcome to the Denver Tarot Meetup-WEST: Lakewood Tarot Social! We're back! Hello, I'm Terri aka 'Sexy Side of Tarot.' I have been a member of Denver Tarot Meetup (DTM) since October 2013. Participating in DTM took my novice abilities with Tarot to a professional level. I have had a booth at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration Fairs in Denver since 2014. I gained my confidence from all the great leaders and attendees at the DTM Socials and events. I encourage you to join and engage. You will be glad you did! During this meetup I guarantee there will be lots of laughter, insights and camaraderie. Come prepared to engage and enjoy reading your Tarot deck (or borrow one of ours) with like minded folks. Because we believe that your interpretation is all that matters you won't need the little booklet that came with your deck. Bring an open mind and a sense of humor. We're all here to support each other in our learning while having fun together. Hello Coffee is a small venue and can only accommodate a group of 8-10 folks at this time so it is imperative that you RSVP to guarantee a chair at the table. In addition to great coffees and teas their Italian Soda's made to order are over the moon! I look forward to meeting you at our next meeting, the first Sunday of every month at Lakewood's premiere Coffee Shop! https://www.facebook.com/hellocoffeelakewood/ Namaste` Terri and the DTM team.

Tarot Social North

Boyer's Coffee Co Inc


Tarot Meetup travels north! **Tarot Social North is now accepting donations to support this event and all of the great DTM activities held throughout the year - $2-3 suggested donation** Tarot Social North is a fun, informal way to meet others who enjoy the tarot. Great for beginners or anyone who has always wanted to know more about the tarot but never knew who to ask. And if you have some experience under your belt, please come and share your knowledge! We discuss and share decks, thoughts and techniques in an open format. Come by and be inspired. We have changed locations! Please join us at Boyers coffee on Washington and 73rd. A great space and GREAT COFFEE. Easy to get to.... Right off I-25 and Hwy 270. We will meet the second Saturday of the month starting at 11 am and will be hanging out for about two hours. Come by when you can! We look forward to seeing you there.

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