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Don’t want to tear up your Jeep Wrangler? Feel a little intimidated by the other 4WD clubs? Maybe the Desert Wranglers is the right group for you! We are a family oriented off road group which focuses on trail rides in the nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. All the trails we drive can easily be driven with stock Wranglers, although 4WD may be required on occasion.

In general we don’t have any rules, except for the common sense ones: stay on the trail, stay with the group, and be safe…and you have to drive a Wrangler. We don’t require you to attend meetings or events, and we won’t require you to volunteer for anything. We dislike club politics and don’t do secret membership votes or meetings. Just sign up and you’re in. You won’t be “encouraged” to modify or lift your Jeep, and you won’t be stuck on the trail watching a bunch of guys crawling over the same rocks all day.

Membership fees not required! We have a great sponsor who has plenty of money to fund most aspects our events. Food/dinner and sodas are provided at the meetings. We usually have an unsponsored consolidated “refreshment” table set up at the camp site, and happy hour usually starts a few minutes after we arrive.

As mentioned before, we are family oriented, so bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, anyone! Our meetings are usually the second Thursday of every month, the featured day trip is usually the second Saturday or Sunday, and the camping trip is usually the third weekend of the month. Still not sure about our group? Check out the photos of our past trail rides. We’re just a bunch of Wrangler owners who have a common interest in riding the trails and seeing the sights near Vegas.

Upcoming events (4+)

Aiken Mine/Mojave Phone Booth/Lava Tube


We will meet at the Shell Gas Station at Cima Road. From there we will go to Valley View Ranch Road to Aiken Mine Road and to the Aiken Mine. At the Aiken Mine there used to be the Mojave Phone Booth. A phone that was used by miners https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mojave_phone_booth. We will explore Aiken Mine and then proceed back down to Lava Tube Road. We will then park at the Lava Tube and go in the Lava Tube. From there we will continue to Kelbaker Road and can head back to the 15 to return home. This trip requires off-road tires as there are sandy places and sharp volcanic rocks. You also must have a working spare tire. The trail is mostly an easy dirt road with one obstacle going up to the mine. As with every run no drugs or alcohol. Due to the fact that this is in the Mojave National Preserve we are limited to 7 total Jeeps.


Pro Gun Club

Welcome to the day at the Range. Bring your friends and family. We Shoot on the rifle and pistol ranges. Chapman Chrysler Jeep sponsors this event. Come on out and have a blast. On the Rifle Range you will need a Chamber Flag for your Rifle.

Desert Training Center Camping Trip (Mojave Desert)

10 E Horizon Ridge Pkwy

The Desert Training Center was a 18,000 square mile World War II training area in the Mojave Desert. It was established by MG Patton in 1942 and was used to train troops prior to deployment to North Africa. This camping trip will focus on exploring the maneuver area between Midland and Camp Coxcomb (CA), and it will include the trail through Palen Pass. It is said this pass was selected to simulate Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, and opposing forces would fight mock battles to defend or break through the pass.

Departure will be south from Henderson, through Needles and a stop for gas at Vidal junction in CA (2 hours). The drive from Vidal Junction to Midland is about another hour.

Extra gas is recommended but not required. Please contact me if you have questions about camping equipment. Stock Jeeps are okay for this trip, although street tires are likely to get damaged on this trail (sharp rocks).

Oro Plata Mine to Nob Hill

500 Conestoga Way

This run is on the Rocks. It is rated an Intermediate Run. Lift and 35" tire are recommended. You could get body damage and desert pin stripping. We venture on to Nob Hill for lunch. CB is required and recovery gear.

Past events (1,080)

13 Mile Loop

3685 N Moapa Valley Blvd

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