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Don’t want to tear up your Jeep Wrangler? Feel a little intimidated by the other 4WD clubs? Maybe the Desert Wranglers is the right group for you! We are a family oriented off road group which focuses on trail rides in the nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. All the trails we drive can easily be driven with stock Wranglers, although 4WD may be required on occasion.

In general we don’t have any rules, except for the common sense ones: stay on the trail, stay with the group, and be safe…and you have to drive a Wrangler. We don’t require you to attend meetings or events, and we won’t require you to volunteer for anything. We dislike club politics and don’t do secret membership votes or meetings. Just sign up and you’re in. You won’t be “encouraged” to modify or lift your Jeep, and you won’t be stuck on the trail watching a bunch of guys crawling over the same rocks all day.

Membership fees not required! We have a great sponsor who has plenty of money to fund most aspects our events. Food/dinner and sodas are provided at the meetings. We usually have an unsponsored consolidated “refreshment” table set up at the camp site, and happy hour usually starts a few minutes after we arrive.

As mentioned before, we are family oriented, so bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, anyone! Our meetings are usually the second Thursday of every month, the featured day trip is usually the second Saturday or Sunday, and the camping trip is usually the third weekend of the month. Still not sure about our group? Check out the photos of our past trail rides. We’re just a bunch of Wrangler owners who have a common interest in riding the trails and seeing the sights near Vegas.

Upcoming events (5+)

Gold Butte Little Finland and Devil's Throat Day Run

Please read entire description. Join Paul Kamberis, Mike Casper, Steven and Claudia Alexander on an all day run to Gold Butte and Little Finland. Gold Butte, 9 miles southwest of Mesquite, was a well established gold mining town by 1906. It quickly turned into a ghost town after 1910 even after all the efforts made by the Gold Butte Mercantile, Townsite & Mining Company. The company infused over $500,000 (almost $12 million in today's money) to grow the town for tourism which failed. Little Finland is scenic red rock area with very unique and delicate formations. Seeps at the base of the formation sustain several palm trees. A short hike will lead to some very old petroglyphs. Devil's throat is a huge sinkhole located near the end of the spur loop. This is an easy run for Stock Jeeps and the trail is rated 1's & 2's. It is an all day trip so plan to bring plenty of water, snacks and lunch. We will meet at the Flying J station where you can top off your fuel and get any last minute snacks. Please be ready for an 8 am take off. There is an option to camp overnight on Saturday night. If you plan on camping, and you have a trailer, please take your trailer out Friday night to Whitney Pockets. Steven and Claudia will be out there Friday and Saturday night. This run is going to coincide with the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument: Tassi Ranch run hosted by Derrick Goern on February 17th. Steven and Claudia Alexander will be camping at Whitney Pockets Saturday night, February 16th. You will need to sign up for the Tassi Ranch run separately if you are going to camp out and do both runs. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Peg's Glorified Ham n Eggs

You will have breakfast with local 4x4 groups. Talk about events coming up and meet some great people. Pegs Glorified Ham n Eggs

Beginner's Training Run to Kodachrome, Lava Butte, Rainbow Gardens

PLEASE READ THE FULL RUN DESCRIPTION: Definitely a good first time beginner's run! This trip is about 22 miles of off road driving. There is NO DESERT PINSTRIPING on this run. THIS RUN IS FOR FIRST TIME OFF-ROADERS, we will cover how to air down and back up, when to go into 4 wheel low/high, how to approach a steep hill climb or descent along with any tools and equipment you will need for future runs. It is recommended you have a CB radio but is not required for this run. If you have been on this run before you will not be automatically allowed on the run. Please message either Darren or Paul if you are not a beginner and want to go on this run, we will waitlist you and move you over if there are spots left a few days prior to the run. We still have other level 1 or 2 runs that you can attend. We want to afford first timers a chance to get a feel for off-roading. Thank you for understanding. Kodachrome and Rainbow Gardens are a formation of very colorful red, tan,blue, green and white rocks and is the oldest stratum of rock in the Horse Spring's Formation deposited over 17 million years ago. Lava Butte is made up of volcanic rock magma deposited there over 13 million years ago. Gypsum has been mined in the area in and around both the Gardens and Lava Butte for many years and Lava Butte had it's fifteen minutes of fame in the James Bond Movie "Diamonds Are Forever". We will be entering the area and going to Kodachrome first, looping around to Lava Butte and then going back out via Rainbow Gardens. Bring plenty of water, snacks, cameras, and any questions you may have!



This is a scenic trip through the Logandale Trail System. It is rated a Beginners Run. You will need to air down. It is mostly soft sand.

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