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Don’t want to tear up your Jeep Wrangler? Feel a little intimidated by the other 4WD clubs? Maybe the Desert Wranglers (www.desertwranglers.club) is the right group for you! We are a family oriented off-road group which focuses on trail rides in the nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. Many of the trails we drive can be driven with stock Wranglers.

In general, we don’t have any rules except for the common sense ones: stay on the trail, stay with the group, and be safe…and you have to drive a Wrangler or Gladiator. We don’t require you to attend meetings or events, and we won’t require you to volunteer for anything. We dislike club politics and don’t do secret membership votes. Just sign up and you’re in. You won’t be “encouraged” to modify or lift your Jeep, and you won’t be stuck on the trail watching a bunch of guys crawling over the same rocks all day.
We are an independent, all-volunteer, registered Nevada 501(c)(3) non-profit Jeep club that does not have an affiliation with any dealership.

As mentioned before, we are family oriented, so bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, anyone! Our meetings are usually the fourth Wednesday of every month. We do a variety of trail runs, training sessions, and other events every month. Still not sure about our group? Check out the photos of our past trail rides. We’re just a bunch of Wrangler and Gladiator owners based out of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Southern Nevada who have a common interest in riding the trails and seeing the sights near Vegas. Beginners are welcome.

How to sign up for Desert Wranglers events

First, you have to join Desert Wranglers Jeep Club, either from the link on our main site at www.desertwranglers.club, or here at Meetup Pro. Once you have answered a few basic questions, you will begin a 14-day trial membership. Meetup will notify you near the end of the trial to pay an annual dues payment of $25 to remain in the group. You may RSVP for events during the trial period but your membership fee must be paid before the event date in order to participate. You can contact Desert Wranglers via Meet-up message, Desert Wranglers Facebook Group, or directly by email info@desertwranglers.club or membership@desertwranglers.club
Visit our main website: www.desertwranglers.club

Upcoming events (4+)

Off-Road 101: Introductory Class

Chapman Chrysler Jeep

Off-roading may be fun, but it does require some expertise and the right gear. Just because the advertising agency people show you all those exciting video clips of Jeeps easily tackling the great outdoors – it does not mean that you are ready to just head offroad straight from the dealership. There is a lot to learn about 4x4 basics, safe practices, tires, airing down, recovery equipment, communications, driving tips, trail etiquette, and a lot more.
Attend our free workshop and learn what you need and what to expect on your first off-road trail run. This class is free, and open to anyone regardless of what 4wd vehicle you own, or where you bought it. Participants in the class will also be invited to join us on an easy trail run (on a future date, TBA)
Space in the classroom is limited, so please RSVP on Meetup, or email to us at: [masked]

This class is presented by Desert Wranglers Jeep Club, a 501c3 non-profit org; and graciously hosted by Chapman Chrysler Jeep in Henderson NV.

BBQ and Game Day

Barb’s Home

Come out, have some fun, and meet someone new.
I will be bbqing hamburgers for everyone please bring a dish to share and you drinks.
I don’t think it will be warm enough to swim but will update you closer to the date.
Bring your favorite game, I have corn hole, Yahtzee outdoor, Cards against Humanity, Rummikub
Again for questions give me a call[masked]

**>>>> Plain Ol’ 13 Mile Loop w/Twist <<<<** This is Larry’s Grand Pappy’s run.

Read This, ‘cause this is new!
Fill out your waiver online! Simple. Fast.

Here is the Online Waiver
You also can scan a QR code at the meet up or do it the old fashion way, I will have paper forms or you can download them.

Please arrive on time. I would like to start the pre-run meeting at 9am.

We will be airing down at the Shell station before we head out.

As I write this, Larry’s trails are not part of this run
This is his Grand Pappys run

Check out the fun everyone had on this run. 13 Mile Loop

On the fence of about going because of the the obstacles? Then this video will help. 13 Mile Loop Fun

  • This Trail is rated EASY (3)
  • Stock Jeeps are welcome
  • All obstacles can be bypassed!
  • The twist is bypassing the washboard trail on the back half.
  • We will run this trail in the opposite direction than I normally do
  • A beautiful scenic drive
  • 4WD must be functioning. If broken, you are not allowed
  • Recommend at least All Terrain Tires. Will be driving in and out of sand and the more traction the better
  • A spare tire is required
  • Desert pin striping possible
  • This run involves driving on soft sand and small dunes.
  • Also features an optional obstacle to introduce you to rock crawling.
  • An optional dune climb
  • Great photo op at the V-notch climb.
  • A a short planned stop at the petroglyphs.
  • Making lists is part of the job
  • The Start-Finish is a guess/estimate. Plan on the day for this run. With the hour plus drive in both directions and the trail itself, the morning and some afternoon is pretty much consumed by your Jeep. But this run is well worth the time.
  • Bring lots of water
  • Bring food and snacks
  • Bring a camera or just use your phone. Lots of photo ops
  • A waiver is required and can be download Here or Desert Wheelers Site or Facebook

***Pre Run*** Mormon Canyon Trail


This is a Pre-run to determine final route and also checking Stock Wrangler capability.

## Details

We will meet at the the Arco off Glendale Blvd in Moapa Valley - with the trail briefing beginning promptly at 8am, please do not be late as we will head out directly after.

Stock Jeep friendly... Fingers crossed, but unknown since its a prerun.

Trail is rated a 4 by onX. It is 35 miles of driving then either back on same trail or around and back on a neighboring trail, will be a little bit of scouting for the ending so plan on this being a long run. It may end up being short though, again, unknown since its a pre-run.

There may be DESERT PINSTRIPING on this run.

This is a pre-run to make sure Stock Jeeps can handle and if so then Ill add to a regular rotation. Yes its on a Monday as those are the days I am free and able to lead runs. Limiting to 6 for the pre run.

From onX
"Mormon Canyon Trail weaves its way along the Meadow Valley Range and Mormon Mountains wilderness. According to the maps, the trail supposedly goes all the way through, but I was unsuccessful in locating where exactly the trail continues north and had to turn around and go back out. So plan for this to be an out-and-back trail - roughly 4 hours to complete. That said, it's a very scenic trail that offers a ton of variety both in driving terrain and scenery. The trail parallels the train tracks where "No Trespassing" signs (walk-on tracks) are posted - please respect all signs. There are several washes and a small water crossing you'll encounter that could be hazardous in wet conditions. A few sections in the trail are narrow with vegetation - wider vehicles will be brushed. Several rocky sections and water erosion damage are also present. Summer months will reach triple-digit temperatures so bring plenty of water."

A waiver is required and can be download Here or Desert Wrangler Site or Facebook


Past events (1,171)

***Pre Run*** Delamar Mountain Ghost Town

Corner of Great Basin Highway and Kane Springs Rd - 36.96175405425989, -114.97494135521521