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Designing future experiences for children to have better relationships with food
In this hands-on workshop, there will be various group discussions and activities to explore how we can create new services to educate and encourage children to have a healthier relationship with food. We will start by exploring the current food trends and problems children and existing food services face and identify gaps and new opportunities before working in groups to dive into possibilities and co-creating new services. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: identify the key stakeholders and problems in current services identify new opportunities to create new services apply a service design mindset in tackling problems with various tools and methods create a service blueprint take away the learnings and start adapting them to solve other problems Bio Christina is an independent consultant with over 10 years of experience in user research and design. With her background in psychology, she is passionate about understanding people's behaviours and insights, and translating them into designs that improve lives. Previously, Christina led the design team at the Department of Work and Pensions to deliver welfare digital services, was part of the team that launched Ubuntu Touch phones in Asian and European markets, and was instrumental in changing how Vodafone Australia interacts with customers digitally. In her spare time, she mentors start-up teams at Bethnal Green Ventures and children at Design Club to become design thinkers.

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    What we're about

    Design Thinking is an approach to learning that focuses on developing creative confidence.
    Engage in hands-on design challenges that focus on developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging ideation, developing metacognitive awareness and fostering active problem-solving.

    What kind of challenges can be addressed using Design Thinking?

    Professionals across the world have been using Design Thinking to solve challenges in their work.
    Projects range in scope and scale, including design solutions- from products to services, to space, to social procedures, to processes and systems - addressing problems in their jobs and finding new solutions and market opportunities. Using one’s imagination is central...

    Group vision:

    The group has the goal of bringing Design Thinking to everyone. We will organize open workshops and events to either learn the methodology or apply it in any particular field. We want many new collaborative projects being born out of this group.

    Because Design Thinking is human-centered, we will talk to and observe more than anything to empathize with the people to understand them better, we want to think out of the box to find unexpected solutions to everyday problems, we want to be positive keeping away all the bad mentality and news, we will be optimistic when we fail because is that part of understanding the problem, we will try again but quickly and cheaply through prototyping. This group is specially created for people from different fields not only designers, we envision multi-disciplinary groups to approach the projects with a broader vision, teamwork is the key. And last but not least, we will reinforce our self-confidence, everyone is creative, we just have to work harder on it.

    Please, we want everyone to feel free to propose activities of any kind. So, please feel free to share your thoughts.

    Who knows what we'll come up with!? Let's get started.

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