What we're about

DevOps Manchester is a community of like-minded individuals that get together and talk about DevOps, whether it’s technical or cultural and regardless of industry.

The aim is to have 4 - 6 meetups per year with a flexible format of two 30 - 45 minutes talks, one technical and one not; Followed by the possibility of some lightning talks, panels, roundtables and networking time.

Food and drink are provided, usually by the host or a sponsor.

What we are not about

Recruitment, vendor pitches & knowledge declaration.

The group will be a safe place to discuss experiences and ideas. With this in mind, we’d prefer no recruiters take part with the intent to source clients and that vendors don’t do pitches at our events.

Sponsors are of course welcome, but the notoriety and thanks are what we can offer.

Code of conduct

TL;DR: Be nice, understanding and helpful.

1. I am an attendee at DevOps Manchester, learning from and sharing with other DevOps Manchester attendees in an effort to better myself and my industry. I co-create the experience with fellow attendees. I am prepared to give my energy, presence and sensitivity to creating the best possible experience for myself and others.

2. I am coming to DevOps Manchester to interact with people. I understand that imagery and language which is suggestive or derogatory will offend and make people uncomfortable. I also understand that people may have boundaries and sensibilities different from my own. I will accept without question when informed that something is offensive or unacceptable in the context of the DevOps Manchester event.

3. I will never intentionally harass or offend another attendee regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, size, race or religion and will not abide another attendee being harassed or offended. If I am aware that anyone is uncomfortable or unsafe, I will notify those giving offence and the DevOps Manchester event organizers.

4. If I am offended or harassed, I will inform people around me who make me feel safe and the event organizers. If I feel safe, at my discretion, I will inform those giving offence of the specific actions with the hope that the other party is well-intentioned and ignorant, but I am under no obligation to do so.

5. I understand that people are different and I attempt to be forgiving of others actions at the level of their sincere intent, but my priority is protecting my safety and the safety of others. I will act without hesitation or reservation until there is no question of the safety of all parties.

6. I trust the DevOps Manchester organizers and attendees will co-create the best possible experience for everyone involved, as I will.

7. If I or any other attendee violates the code of conduct, I expect the DevOps Manchester organizers to protect the attendees by direct action, including expelling those in violation and contacting the proper authorities if required.

Talk guidelines

Talks that tell a story are often the most popular, so please share your experiences and encourage discussion.

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We're back for our third meetup at AO.com! Approximate running order will be as follows: 18:00 - Food and drink, sponsored by AO.com 18:30 - Intro, talks start 19:15 - Break 19:30 - Further talks 20:15 - Panel 20:30 - Wrap up, pub (probably) · Mike Eves / Dave Whyte - Live (interactive) demo highlighting some of the platform capabilities that Auto Trader are leveraging by migrating from more traditional infrastructure onto Kubernetes in GCP utilising the Istio service mesh. · Chris Taylor - Business Strategy Focus Incorporating Digitisation and DevOps into the aviation sector. How to bring "agility with stability" to a conservative sector which demands rock solid reliability. Like many industries, aviation needs to facilitate technological change to embrace passenger expectations. Much of aviation has been built on "locked in" monoliths, provided by large vendors with even larger change cycle's. How do you unlock the value of data in these core systems and build a strategy to benefit the business? The talk will be based on some real examples and hopefully offer some guidelines on how to get stakeholders to think differently to deliver a more connected platform for growth. · Panel - A DevOps panel discussion with representatives from Autotrader, Booking, AO, Azinq, BBC and DevOpsGroup.

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