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What we’re about

Are you involved in corporate or adult learning? Do you want to hear from and share with your peers? This might be the group for you.

The Zurich Digital Learning Expert Group is a free-thinking professional group that aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of digital learning initiatives in both corporate and adult education.

It involves participants from the C-suite to freelance practitioners. Each event is different, but with a common focus of sharing what works - and sometimes what doesn't work too.

It is inspired by my experience setting up and running the Instructional Design and eLearning (IDeL) MeetUp in Australia. What started as 35 people in a room in Sydney blossomed into a network of over 1,800 people who share experiences to help improve the learning and training that they deliver. My aim is to do the same in Switzerland with a slightly wider focus to encompass all digital learning & training strategy.

It is a peer-learning environment free to attend and free of influence from commercial sponsors. It’s an opportunity to share with and learn from others working in, or interested in, adult learning, training and learning and development.

Join up to find out what you can learn and what others can learn from you.