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If you enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, then this group is for you!

Join this meetup if you want to meet other cool D&D players in the south Bay Area. This is a great group if you want to join or host games, laugh, roleplay, and roll dice.

We host a casual meetup on the first Wednesday of every month so members can meet in person, ask questions and plan games. Keep an eye on the calendar for updates, and join our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/4fGfv3) for discussions.

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D&D One-Shot: Swamp Things

Game Kastle, Mountain View


This is a 1st-level one-shot game for new and experienced players. A one-shot game is a story that is meant to be wrapped up in a single session. For new players, it's a great opportunity to learn the game, and for experience players, it's a chance to try out something different. For one-shot games I will provide everything you need to play: pre-generated characters, pencil & paper. You are also welcome to borrow my dice and a miniature for the session, or bring your own if you like. ***Adventure Hook*** “Deep in the marshlands north of the Lake of Dragons, your party searches for a lost riverboat from House Montrett. The fate of the boat’s passengers is bleak; the swamp is confusingly maze-like and filled with hungry beasts, but the house lords are hopeful for their kin’s safe return.” ——- New players: you are welcome (but not required) to come 30 minutes early if you'd like to learn more about playing the game! Experienced players: if you would like to use your own first-level character, just send me a message ahead of time so I can review it. I will only approve characters made using rules from the Players Handbook + 1 other official sourcebook, choosing the standard array of attributes, and average hit points.

You Meet in a Tavern

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Our monthly meetup is a great place to meet other gamers, grab a drink (or food), relax, and discuss all things D&D.

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You Meet in a Tavern


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