What we're about

This Meetup is about sharing and collaborating on socially responsible drone projects. If you have a project you would like to share, organize, need help with, please contact an organizer.

Our Mission is simple:

- Provide autonomous unmanned aircraft and aviation infrastructure to organizations with exacting data needs, but lack aviation expertise.

Search and Rescue Project:

Developing and testing UAV avionics software to make it simple for people with relatively little knowledge and experience to effectively deploy small aircraft in search, rescue, and other emergency response scenarios. Availability and efficient re-purposing of off-the-shelf hardware to meet mission objectives is prioritized above current market costs. Our emphasis will be on algorithm development and testing, on establishing relationships with emergency service professionals and volunteers to establish core requirements, and on demonstrating effectiveness and ease of use. Creative hardware and design support is also most welcome.

Wildlife Preservation Project:

We are developing a low cost unmanned aerial system solution or drone system solution to even the playing field for Kruger Park rangers in protecting endangered rhinos and elephants in Africa from well armed poachers. At the alarming rate that these animals are killed for their horns and tusks, they could face extinction in a few years. Something has to be done. The Wildlife Conservancy of Africa called out to the world for a low cost drone solution to aid their rangers in the fight and we answered. There will be 3 winning solutions with one first place winner. Prizes will be awarded and possibly a trip to Africa to fly our drone. There will be many more opportunities to save wildlife from extinction abroad and in our own backyard. Join us in the battle and help develop the solution.

Malawi - Kasungu National Park

AntiPoaching Kasungu SaveTheElephants


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