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What we’re about

Electric bicycles have been around since the 1890’s. EBIKETREKS has been around since 2015. We are the leading and largest eBike group in Northern California.
If you thought that bike riding was too much of a challenge for you, eBike riding may change your mind and change your horizons. The eBikes of the twentieth century are the latest trend in travel with zero-carbon emissions. These bikes have now made it possible for people to go longer and higher than they’ve ever dreamed possible.
In EBIKETREKS we regularly organize adventurous events for ourselves designed to enjoy sunlight, fresh air and camaraderie. We ride to have pleasure, build muscle and endurance, and appreciate the breathtaking scenery that Northern California provides.
In this Meetup group you can learn more about the usage, care and maintenance of your eBike from other eBikers, and about routes you didn’t know existed. EBIKETREKS ride events also show that eBikes can be a fun and safe riding example for our communities and an outdoor opportunity for riders of all ages. 
It is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you test and learn your physical endurance, battery range and your eBike’s performance before you join us on a ride. But EBIKETREKS ride events are mostly 33 miles long or less, since many members have only one battery with a 35 to 40 mile range. We ride between 13 and 19 mph depending on the event. Most members have Class 1 eBikes that, in keeping with CA state law, contain governors in their computers which keep them from going over 20 mph.
We frequently repeat the rides we like. But we often explore new routes, in order to enjoy as many of the best paved or packed bike paths and bike lanes in Northern California. Occasionally the rides involve steep inclines, packed dirt, some gravel, and a few branches and rocks. So be sure to check each event description to see if it matches your eBike's capacity. Feel free to ask us questions!

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