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Come to INTRO to EFT - "How to", and PRACTICE Tapping right here!
Do you know EFT’s Meridian Tapping? To get great results in a consistent way, come see what really makes Tapping effective, in releasing both your physical or emotional pain! There is only so much you can get from Tapping books, or videos. Here is where interacting with a real person counts! I’ll answer your Tapping questions, and you’ll get helpful suggestions for ways to use wording to resolve your challenges. Many people hear of EFT, but don’t use it well, or don’t think of using it for themselves, because they don’t know what to say while Tapping. This class will fix that hesitation. You can get comfortable with Tapping here, and you’ll see measurable results! EFT’s Meridian Tapping (a simple acupressure technique) has a few keys pieces of information that make it work well on a consistent basis for both emotional and physical issues. I bring 14 years of EFT experience to my EFT Tapping classes. Most of my new students and clients (as much as 80%) may not be using "9 Gamut" or not using it well! Here you’ll become aware of how to use 9 Gamut, and when it is most valuable! This Tapping sequence is so fast and easy to use, you might have under-estimated its impact on subconsciously held issues! Powerful benefits from 9 Gamut Tapping sequence can be especially effective when clearing present overwhelm, chronic pain, releasing grief or neutralizing past traumas. To have been taught EFT’s Meridian Tapping well, you need to know the value of using EFT’s 9 Gamut Tapping sequence! We'll spend about half our class getting clear on how to Tap and what to Tap on to get results, including the Tapping information basics, of course. Then the other half of our time together we'll spend in practical and real time Tapping Practices, clearing real issues! Please come and make sure you're getting all the benefits Tapping can offer you. We'll practice Tapping on your issues... right in the class. You'll know you're "doing it right"! ----------------------------- Do you know what Tapping already does? The Clinical Studies are impressive! Tapping reduces pain by 68% in clinical studies. (I have personally seen meridian tapping completely release chronic pain of 5 to 20 years.) Australian study shows avg. Weight Loss of 16 lbs. by tapping two hours per week (no change in diet) over 8 weeks. (plus Great news - no after diet bounce back!) Cortisol (Stress Hormone) reduced by 25% in one hour! EFT's Tapping study showed RAPID reduction of Anxiety 62.3% improvement, in just ten minutes of Tapping! ------------------------------- I look forward to seeing you! If you have questions, please call me on[masked]. Janice Smylie, CCHt, NLP, TFT, EFT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist EFT Trainer and Practitioner For more details about EFT Meridian Tapping see:

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What we're about

LEARN THE EFT TAPPING BASICS, find a Tapping practise class, or become a Certified EFT Practitioner here... !!!

Do you Love EFT? I love what Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT can do for you!

Your life is all about you: how you feel... what you think... and what you choose.

So let’s get free from whatever is keeping you stuck. Let’s throw the doors wide open to more wealth, happiness, good health, weight loss, fulfillment… creativity, confidence, inner and outer peace.

You deserve it.

I’ll help you remove the blocks to feeling loved, wanted, accepted, worthy and ‘enough’. Taking positive action for yourself can become easy. Use EFT’s Meridian Tapping for freedom now to release from:

· stress / anxiety

· emotional / physical pain

· past trauma / boundary issues

· unhelpful repetitive thought loops

· self-sabotaging behaviours / bad habits

· lack of hope / not being ‘enough’ / not having ‘enough’

· emotional and physical self-sabotage / relentless inner critic

Learn powerful wording for bringing EFT’s effectiveness to life... If you’ve tried Tapping, and you’re not getting the results you expected, you need more information! I have 14 years experience; answers about Tapping... attend a Tapping class with me. Tapping for some topics needs more info or focus - for example, what exactly do you Tap on, for weight loss! Be genuinely surprised and excited about how effectively you can direct Tapping in flexible and fully self-supportive ways.

Just one Introduction to Tapping class can change the way(s) you use Tapping forever!

· Tapping 'in the moment' stops you from storing new worries, stresses and traumas!

· Just because you have a behaviour or habit, doesn't mean you need to keep it

· Release or change whatever stops you from achieving your dreams.

There will be live Tapping! You’ll get your questions answered. You’ll improve being able to think clearly, focus on making a plan, and following through to achieve your goals. Learn in class how to find wording for addressing your specific issues, then get the wording/ practice clearing real issues.

It is as simple as one, two, three... once you get the Tapping basics confidently in hand.

EFT changes lives! I tell everyone, "EFT has consistently brought my clients, friends and family quick and measurable results. Over the fourteen years of using and teaching EFT... EFT repeatedly proves itself impressively effective!"

Bruce Lipton a developmental biologist, says your DNA and 95% of your behaviour is the result of unconscious beliefs. Bruce goes on to say that one of three ways to change those unconscious beliefs, is through energy therapy such as EFT. Powerful words.

YouTube videos are not enough. There are keys to making EFT work consistently well. In my EFT classes, you’ll get basics, Tapping tips, and much more! When you learn Tapping from me, you'll really know how to use Tapping.

Seeing Meridian Tapping's potential? I can help you become a Certified EFT Practitioner, to help or offer EFT coaching to friends, family or clients. The Benefits can be priceless. My new EFT Practitioners can always know what to ask, what to say, and how to get results for their clients... with confidence.

Join me for EFT classes or EFT Practitioner Certification workshops! I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Expert EFT Trainer, TFT (Callahan's Thought Field Therapy) and EFT Practitioner.

Find out what Meridian Tapping can do for you, and the people you love! And, you're welcome to come again with family or a friend! I always look forward to seeing you!

See you soon! Choosing Joy!


403 710 4443

PS: Are you committed to getting the change(s) you tell yourself you'd like to have? Ring me for a free 20 minute 'Discovery' session. Emotional Freedom Techniques can be help you get what you really want achieved, this year!

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