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We seek to provide the space and opportunities for experiences and hope only that you find benefit in them.

So come, and explore! Seek that which you are seeking and you will find it.

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Foundations of Ayurveda

Soul of Yoga Institute

Join us for a 50 hour Foundations of Ayurveda course, which is the perfect fit for individual student’s self care, as an elective for the Soul’s Yoga Therapy Training, or as the Foundational portions for the upcoming Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program beginning in the Spring of 2019. This course will be a deep immersion in Sankhya Philosophy, the gunas (attributes in nature), the doshas (mind/body types and imbalances), the six tastes in foods, and how they affect the digestive system. Also covered is the ten pairs of opposites, and how diet, climate season and age impact the gunas (qualities). We will be discussing daily and seasonal routines for each constitutional type, and the difference between Prakruti (individual nature)and Vikruti (imbalance). A yoga component will also be presented to demonstrate how the practical tools of hatha yoga can be used to create an integral approach to balancing the doshas. Additional insights will be given on yogic techniques for managing the mind, senses and intellect to gain victory over the most common obstacles to health and wellness. Ayurveda and Yoga together provide for the ultimate foundation for healing and attaining true inner happiness. July 9-12 & Additional Webinar Hours (Live Stream & In Person Available) Cost: $950 More Info: https://soulofyoga.com/event/foundations-ayurveda-2/

Rhythms of Radiance - CoronaVirus Edition with Christine Stevens

It is easy to fall into fear, doubt, and worry these days. How are you staying awake and alive? How are you handling isolation and on-screen exhaustion? Join us for a special drum circle for healing with internationally acclaimed author, music therapist, and Soul of Yoga Sound Institute faculty member, Christine Stevens. This is a live, ONLINE event to uplift your energy, boost your immune system, and shift your mind into the present moment. Please have your drum or a percussion instrument available. *No drums necessary! Find instruments in your own home! For example, two wooden spoons or a spoon and a bucket or plastic bowl works great. Cost: $15 Special 30 min Facilitator Group Meeting afterwards $5 ~Stay after class for a special online drum circle facilitator meeting with Christine. Students are able to ask questions and practice advanced techniques. Register at: https://soulofyoga.com/event/rhythms-of-radiance/ Please preregister in advance, make sure to have a Zoom.us account. Login link and password will be emailed out the day of the event.

Online Transformation through Writing: Writers' Group

Online event

In this monthly workshop (first Monday of the month), we will explore the power of the written word as a transformative tool for bringing us more fully into our own versions of authenticity, vulnerability, accountability, and community. If you’re working on a writing project, wanting to start one, or simply longing to connect with your own voice, join us, and bring any projects you’re working on. No formal writing, yoga, chanting or meditation experience is necessary. All ability levels welcome. No movement or sharing of writing is ever required. Cost: $15. However, we don’t want to exclude anyone because of financial challenges. If you are unable to pay or need the fee reduced, please contact the front desk. Registration Link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=3078&stype=-104&sTG=23&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000585&date=07/13/20 Please preregister in advance. To access the event through Zoom use Meeting ID "[masked]". Password is "Soul" Dana Reece (Prempal Kaur), PhD, Personal Transformation Mentor: inner space sourcing (IST), kundalini yoga, goal-setting, and writing/editing consultation, holds advanced degrees in Writing, Literature, and Education. Dr. Reece has over 25 years' experience in writing/coaching writers and goal-setting/life-planning in group and private formats, as well as over 15 years' experience in meditation and the practice of inner alchemical techniques designed to develop and strengthen the energetic body. She has completed graduate-level leadership training and taught dozens of college-level goal-setting workshops, having completed additional training with several masters of personal development, including Peter Drucker, Charles Givens, and Anthony Robbins. In addition to having taught hundreds of college classes as a full-time professor, she has taught public and private Kundalini Yoga classes and led and facilitated group meditations and workshops. Additionally, she has mentored numerous writers/aspiring writers in all phases of making time for, envisioning, organizing, and writing short stories, professional articles, Ph.D. dissertations, and both fiction and non-fiction books. She combines spiritual vision and practice with “real-world,” results-oriented practicality.

Online Sacred Sound Healing

Online event

Sound is the language of the Universe. Now is the time to hear and be healed. Join global Sound Healing channel, Shelly Reef, for a deep journey to the center of high self. With the intention of leading each and every participant to new heights of awakened being, this session is profoundly beautiful and deeply empowered. An enchanting variety of therapy harps, monochord, crystal singing bowls, and chimes pave the path to your inner sanctuary. Get cozy with pajamas and pillows. Sweeten the air and have your headphones ready. Shelly will leave you tucked in for an entire evening of inner healing. The sound in this event is beautifully produced now and if you use your headphones you'll receive a wonderful experience. Cost: $25 Register at: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=3078&stype=-104&sTG=23&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000947&date=07/15/20 Please preregister, then login to Zoom Meeting ID “[masked]”. Password is “Soul”.

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