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What we’re about

Looking for a positive and constructive way of addressing climate change? This group may have the answer you're looking for. The Meetup group is an online venue for Citizen's Climate Lobby, or CCL. CCL is a well organized group of citizen volunteer lobbyists with a positive outlook on how to address climate change. We are putting on a series of educational presentations by CCL's most experienced speakers as well as outside guest speakers on a variety of topics that will discuss different aspects of climate change and one possible solution. Please join us for programs that inform, entertain with Q & A sessions - all online and from the convenience of your own homes.

The speaker series is sponsored by CCL but you are not required to join CCL or be an existing member to join this Meetup.  Though CCL would be happy to receive new members from this Meetup group, recruitment is not our intent.  What we care about is inspiring ordinary citizens who rank climate change among their top concerns to find their voice, speak up and share their priorities with our nation's political leaders. You can do this in any way that you like and that suits your temperament. Among many other topics shared in this speaker series, CCL will show you how easy it can be.  If enough people tell their representatives that climate is our greatest long term risk, our representatives will respond because their job depends on it.  We hope that you will take the CCL message of positive political activism and vote, write letters to the editor, write or call your members of Congress, or join a group such as Sierra Club, Climate Reality Project, Environmental Voter Project or Braver Angels.  And if along the way the CCL carbon tax and dividend solution to climate change makes sense to you, we hope you communicate your support to your political leaders.  Our political leaders are reflections of the interests of their constituents who voted them into office and who respond to polls or write letters, so inform them of where you stand.