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This meetup group will focus on evolving and awakening our consciousness beyond the "normal" 3D world of matter, time, and space. We will explore and practice tools and techniques to expand awareness of our multi-dimensionality, our divine true nature, and the quantum field of infinite potentiality. We will look at how to remove any blockages limiting our full expression of limitless creative expression. This will also include advanced techniques on manifestation, co-creation, and evolving our SOUL essence to vibrate at higher frequencies of pure Light and Love..

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Authentic Awakening, Conscious co-creation, and Practical Spirituality.

Boulder Public Library - Main Branch

What we see outside, (the mirror), is simply the reflection or projection of the movie scripted within our own consciousness. In this workshop/meetup gathering, we will look at how our beliefs shape our reality, from many different angles. Topics will include: how to know and use your intuition to make decisions; Practical ways to raise your vibration; " You are the Center of Power" meditation-to help with bringing in or manifesting desired changes in your life; Manifesting abundance and prosperity in the physical domain, including money and financial sustenance; a brief look at the work of Joe Dispenza (really the cutting edge psycho-emotional-spiritual breakthrough process-very powerful); again, your current personal year cycle and what you can DO to resonate at the highest level within your current cycle of evolution. Looking for meaning/connection/purpose instead of happiness. Dynamic meditation will be shared to clear old energies out, remove blockages, and bring in guidance from the SOURCE of Infinite LOVE which you are. More will be added as I always expect serendipitous surprises and insights to come to me..

Authentic Awakening, Practical Spirituality--- REVISED AND UPDATED 02/16/2019

Boulder Public Library - Main Branch

This is a post to let you know of changes and updates for the Saturday, February 16th meetup at the main library, downtown Boulder........ additional discussion topics, presentation, and sharing about the following--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Practical ways to shift and maintain a higher vibration on a daily basis *Soul Shifts: tips, techniques, ideas, to shift out of the ordinary day to day consciousness into heart and mind coherence. and inner peace. *THE WAY OF MASTERY: the TRUE teachings and message of CHRIST. * Resilience: The art of bouncing back. (after loss, defeat, etc....) *The Cosmology of Awakening: the Ascension process, where we came from, who we are, why we are here, how do we awaken personally and collectively as a species and a planet... * the art and form of MEDITATION..Quieting the MIND...and how to deepen the practice of becoming still..listening to your Soul, understanding INTUITION..... *How to be in a moment to moment state of alignment with SOURCE energy, (inner peace)..the WAY OF MASTERY in motion... *also, I want to offer to do a heart opening energy moving healing treatment for those who attend. the intention is to align and heal the energy centers within the body to clear old patterns, and stuck emotional wounding... good to learn how to do yourself which will be shared... ******* More may be added or amended as deemed appropriate...

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