What we're about

A group for curious and conscious people who want to explore, discover and learn how to make better use of the resources we have around.

In different fields and materials, from food to electronics, building robots to creating art, we can connect to skills and solutions that allow doing good for both, Nature and all of us.

Challenge and reinvent, reuse, transform and save materials, repair and keep things longer. All done with a focus on what matters most, our health, capabilities and fulfilment, our people, our community and the environment.

Why also Reuse Reduce (could even add Refuse)? because in fact, that needs to come first.

Textiles _ Explore UPcycle ReInvent https://www.meetup.com/Textiles_Explore/ has a focus in this field plenty of techniques and possibilities in fashion, art and home decor.

As usual, welcome to participate with any question, suggestion or sharing.

After our first year on meetup, we start activating FB to make it easier for everyone to follow and join more initiatives, welcome to connect also there. https://www.facebook.com/ExploreUPcycleReInvent/

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