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My name is Veronica

I spent the majority of my 20's politely and cleverly avoiding hiking invitations for fear of being "the fat girl", holding the group up and being out of breath. I was afraid to let anyone see me like that. As a result, I missed out on a LOT of really cool adventures. It wasn't until my 30's that I gave myself permission to be "that girl" -out of breath, sweaty, and enjoying the hell out of southern California's incredible wild side. I was amazed by what I had accomplished and what I had seen. I was amazed by what my body was capable of. The overwhelming pride that I still get after every hike has kept me going back to new trails every Sunday morning.

I want to share the exhilaration that comes with climbing to the tippy top of a mountain, scrambling up into creepy caves and discovering that cool whatcha-macallit with other like-minded people who have been told they cant, who think they cant, and who want to say, "F-it! Lets go!" I want to give what I have discovered to other people out there and build lasting friendships around that sense of pride and exhileration.

This group is a safe space to get to know new people, explore Southern California through hiking and the occasional backpacking, kayaking and camping trips. Despite the name, this group welcomes all genders and ages. Every body is welcome! This is a body positive group and is built on the belief that anything is possible, despite your size or disabilities.

Let's get out there and be sweaty and out of breath together!

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(REPEAT OFFENDER) Bustin' OC Ghosts in Blackstar Canyon

13333 Black Star Canyon Rd

That's right! You read the heading correctly. Ghosts! We're gonna bust'em! This canyon was once the site of the bloodiest Indian massacre in the Santa Ana Mountains. 50 years later, some homesteaders were miffed over a horse sale and started shooting at each other, killing one. Silly Homesteaders. Since then, the site has been a hot spot for paranormal activity (queue Halloween music). MWAHAHA! So... LETS HIKE IT! Dust off your Ecto Goggles, pack your Ghost Snifter, and clean out your Containment Unit Gals... because we're going ghost huntin! This is a 6.8 mile out and back hike which AllTrails rates as moderate. The falls here are elusive and sometimes non-existent. I recommend wearing shoes you don't mind getting wet, just in case; bring a couple liters of water, some snacks and of course, SUNSCREEN! The weather is getting warmer and the sun is getting angrier. Protect you self before you wreck yourself! we'll be parking on the dirt road near the trailhead. There is a LONG walk down a paved road before we actually get to the hike. Once we get to the main trail, there will be a lot of scrambling so be sure to wear your grippiest shoes and pack those knee braces! Kids and Dogs might want to sit this one out. If anyone is interested, I'm sure we can discuss brunch options after (if we make it out alive.... wooooooo # ScaryScary) As always, I recommend using the AllTrails app for directions to the trail head. If you want to feed your curious lil mind with more details abut this hike, clickity-click through the links below. https://backpackerverse.com/black-star-canyon/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Star_Canyon https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/black-star-canyon-trail

Adventure Race? What? (No, you don't have to run)

Los Angeles State Historic Park

PLEASE DO NOT RSVP UNTIL YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR TICKET Alright,alright, IT'S HERE! This event is for all of you who have always wanted to bake a cake in the shape of a llama but have held back because there wasn't a prize involved. This event is for the people with heads full of the punniest team names and no team to use them on, and the people who have a burning desire to yodel at the top of your lugs in a public place.... FOR PRIZES! Thats right! Its QUESTIVAL TIME! Some of you may know what the heck I'm going on about, and others may not so I'll spell it all out for you (Straight from the website!) The Cotopaxi Questival is a 24-hour adventure race where teams of 2-6 friends explore the unknown in their city and the wild spaces around it, do things they never thought possible, and share the stoke with a fun and supportive community. Make 2019 the year you step off the map of your own life and explore new spaces with Questival. https://www.cotopaxi.com/products/questival-los-angeles-2019 EVENT SPECIFICS: Tickets: 35.00/person (PRICE INCREASES AFTER 1/16/19) The price of a ticket includes a Cotopaxi backpack AND a finisher medal! We will be creating teams based on 6 sets of people. The larger the team, the higher chance of completing more tasks within the 24 hour race window. Team Names, Team Slogans, Team Shirts or Costumes are encouraged! Since I'm the only one with a ticket at the moment, I'm going to call my team the OVARIAN FISTS! After you register, be sure to RSVP to this event. If you don't want to be an OVARIAN FIST, thats fine. You can make your own team, however, you'll need at least two people to be considered a team. FRIDAY CHECK-IN DETAILS Location: Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 5:00pm Check in at the Launch Event. 7:00pm Get your Team Flag and start your 24-hour countdown. 7:30pm Get underway with the kickoff challenge. Once complete, go explore the unknown. 8:30pm Check-in closes. CHECKPOINTS: There will be an optional checkpoint on Saturday. Checkpoint details will be announced through the app and at the launch event. SATURDAY CLOSING CEREMONY DETAILS Location: Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 N Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012 6:00pm Closing ceremony begins. 6:30pm Sprint prizes are announced and awarded. 7:00pm Questival comes to a close. Go celebrate! Go sleep! Okay, I think that covers it.

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