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Mt. Roberts is the westernmost peak in the Castle in the Clouds complex in the Ossipee Mountains. While the summit features strong views to the north, perhaps the most scenic portion is the ledge area along the Mt. Roberts Trail. The Lake Winnipesaukee views from this section are second to none.

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 6 +/- Hours

Starting Elevation: 1,240'

Summit Elevation: 2,582'

Elevation Gain: 1,342'

Type Of Hike: Out and Back (we can't get lost, there's no branches on this trail :-))

Trails: Mt. Roberts Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Features: Summit Views, Lakes, Wildlife

Bring A Friend: No

Dog Friendly: Sorry None On This Trip (there may be horses on this trail if this is a concern for anyone wary of large animals!)

Supplies: bring the usual long-hike provisions! snacks &/or lunch, sunscreen, bugspray, hiking boots, non-cotton clothing etc. Poles might be helpful on the ledge, but in general the difficulty here is distance not footing.

Important Information that every Tortoise needs to know: (

Trail Map (

This is a good-weather only hike. Due to ridges at top it's no fun in wet / foggy /windy weather and I will reschedule

Directions: Parking: at road-side lot across from the bottling plant, directly before the turn off for Castle in the Clouds ( do Not part inside the 'castle' area if you can help it! the estate does shut gates on close and your car may be on wrong side!)

If you use a car GPS, here are some parking lot coordinates I found on line (in degrees and minutes):
N 43 43.896 W 71 19.514
- Route 93 @ Exit 23
- Route 104 east
- Route 3 north
- Route 25 northeast through Moultonborough
- Route 109 southeast (for 2.2 miles)
- Route 171 southeast (for 0.5 miles)
- Ossipee Park Road (for about 1.2 miles)

we will meet at parking lot!


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