Past Meetup

Humanist Discovery and Ethics - Education Reform with Judith L!


Wanted to announce the program for the next few Sunday Discovery and Ethics. Some exciting stuff coming!!

THIS Sunday - the 6th: Judith LeFevre (¬if_t=group_activity&__tn__=%2As)Education Reform: Research as Teacher

July 13th: Daniel Greenspan (¬if_t=group_activity&__tn__=%2As) Hacking the Human Nervous System: Building a Neurally Controlled Prosthetic Arm

July 20th: Ethics discussion - Building a better human

July 27th: Ethics Discussion - Who decides what we teach our children

10:30AM Woodlands Village Apartments clubhouse (center of the complex)

Cultivating compassion, well-being and awe through reason and evidence-based exploration of the sciences, ethics and our own humanity.

Exploring and celebrating the natural world and our ethical role in it as secularists, Freethinkers and humanists.

Using reason and community to attain happiness, well-being and social connectivity.

Weekly presentations on compassion and well-being from local scientists, artists, business leaders and other community members.

Children's program provided!

Coffee and pastries provided!


10:30AM - Humanist moment, meet and greet

10:45AM - Ethics or Presentation or Member Sharing


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