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What we’re about

Welcome to the Florida Sea Kayak Association Meetup (FSKA-Meetup) website! We are a sea kayak club that uses Meetup as a communication and scheduling tool. We are not a business, nor do we have rental kayaks available.

Articles of Incorporation


Our members have varied experience and interests. We are a kayaking club with paddles on the ocean, ICW, rivers, and lakes. We have short trips and long trips. Some trips have lots of paddlers and some only a few. We encourage our paddlers to improve their skills, stamina and distances. We have informal skills and assisted rescue practice. Guest speakers and discussions of topics of interest at monthly meetings. We had a favorite paddle meeting where we brought examples of our paddles and why we like them. We previously sponsored a couple of kids at a paddling summer camp. We offer paddling opportunities throughout the year.
Our club operates under the Common Adventure Model which means that you are responsible for your own skills, equipment, decisions and safety. Everyone in the group watches out for each other. We purchase liability insurance which requires everyone to sign a liability waiver. It is a sport with risks and you assume responsibility for your own safety. Club dues of $15 and signing the liability waiver are required annually. New members must sign the insurance waiver before attending any club event. There is a 30 day trial period in which to pay the dues. Meetup will automatically remove from the group, any new member who has not paid the dues within 30 days.
Many of our members started with a sit-on-top, or sit-in recreational kayaks. They came and saw what we were doing and decided to make upgrades to their equipment. The best way to determine if our paddle events are right for you is to look through the past trips. Read the descriptions and look at the pictures. If you can do some or all of them, you fit right in. Take a look at the paddle trip and skills ratings sheet. We like to go and have fun in our kayaks with friends. If this is something you like, come on out, join the club, and go on the paddles!

How to Pay Dues:
Dues are collected through Meetup and Stripe credit card processor.

  1. Log into Meetup.
  2. Click the 'Join this Group' in the Red Box on our FSKA-Meetup home page.
  3. It will take you to Meetup/Stripe where you may pay the $15 dues by credit card. NOTE: you will not show as paid until the 30 day trial ends.

How to Sign the Liability Waiver: (required when first joining and at the beginning of each following year)

  1. With phone, tablet or computer, click on this link:
  2. Fill out form. Use your finger or mouse to sign in the signature box.
  3. Print a copy if you desire.
  4. Press the red 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. You will get a successful submission confirmation page.
  5. An email will be sent to you with a PDF file of your signed waiver.
    1. What is a kayak? The club primarily paddles sea kayaks followed by SOT and Rec Kayaks. For a more detailed explanation see the following wiki links. …Sea Kayaks… Sit-on-Top kayak...
    2. What is the Skills and Trip level sheet? This sheet lists skill levels and trip conditions levels. It gives definitions of the skills required for certain trip level conditions. The main thing to remember is that time does not indicate skill level. You might have kayaked for ten years but skill wise you're still a "beginner", level 1 or 2. See the link in our photo section.

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