• Around Long Island (Little Talbot on east)

    Alimacani Park

    <<<< Wednesday update: >>>>
    Weather is looking grim for a paddle on Saturday.
    Winds are forecast to be 20 to 35mph.
    If forecast holds (or even close), this trip will be cancelled (see upcoming Friday update).

    start from here: https://goo.gl/maps/EUHSr56YoTL2
    Distance: 12 miles
    Time: around 5 hours
    Level: intermediate
    * high water is at the 'height of land' at 8am (about an hour from start), however, if we get to there by 9, there will still be plenty of water. (note: critical to be on water by 8, if not, will paddle Simpson Creek & back (no Myrtle))
    * if PERFECT weather (warm, ocean 1' or less, no wind - AND unanimous group vote, we will paddle back via the ocean (around Little Talbot Island)).
    * other than stopping for a break at north end of L Talbot (halfway), no planned land stops.
    * will cancel FSKA trip if weather is bad - will update here at least 1 day before start of trip if cancelled
    see route here:
    Myrtle-Simpson (most probable route), last years paddle:
    Around Little Talbot (if perfect conditions), paddle from 2015:
    Liability Waiver:
    If you haven't already signed it yet for 2023, do so here:
    (see main FSKA page for instructions)