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To create a positive impact on our shared world, our mission is to provide a community that values and promotes a freethinking life unencumbered by the biases of tradition, dogma, and authority and that encourages people to live a reason and evidence-based life characterized by close fellowship, ethical contemplation, critical thinking, community service, and the appreciation of scientific knowledge and understanding of the universe and our place in it.


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September Gathering and Potluck - Dr. Patrick Getty

Walnut Hill Recreation Center

This event is cross-posted to our public Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fofdallas/events 11:00 am - Coffee and mingling 11:30 am - Program Begins 12:30 pm - Potluck BRING YOUR CHILDREN. Age appropriate activities and presentations will be provided while you enjoy our speaker. Dr. Patrick Getty is a paleontologist with nearly twenty years of experience studying trace fossils, which are evidence of behavior, such as trackways and burrows, that organisms leave behind. Dr. Getty will be talking about how the fossil record provides evidence for biological evolution, and will be focusing on transitional fossils such as Archaeopteryx. He will have a replica of this animal available for hands-on discussion, which will complement his presentation. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Dr. Getty earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Master’s Degree in geology from the University of Massachusetts, and then got a PhD in geology from the University of Connecticut. After completing his doctorate, he taught for three years at the University of Connecticut before coming to the Dallas area, where he teaches at Collin College. He is an author of 23 peer-reviewed publications on trace fossils, with more to come. ABOUT THE FELLOWSHIP OF FREETHOUGHT: Fellowship of Freethought, as part of its mission to promote a family-friendly organization that emphasizes education, socialization, and charity, will be encouraging its members to gather together once a month to learn from each other, share in each others' lives, and coordinate outreach to the community. These "Gatherings" will combine music, short presentations, and special announcements all running alongside a fun yet educational youth program. Following presentations and youth activities is a potluck meal to encourage close fellowship among all members. POTLUCK TIPS: Just bring food (whatever dish you like to eat). FoF Dallas will supply the drinks, ice, napkins, plates, cups, and eating utensils. Bring enough to feed yourself, your family, and your guests — as if that were all you had to eat. Food should be "ready to serve". It should be cooked, cut, and ready for someone to quickly put it on their plate as they walk through the line. Label your dish with the ingredients if it contains common food allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts (groundnuts), nuts from trees (including Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish (including mussels, crab and shrimps), soy products, and wheat. Applications for Voting Membership will be collected at the Gatherings.

Children's Programming for Gathering/Potluck

Walnut Hill Recreation Center

Fellowship of Freethought's, Youth Director, Amanda Sampson, prepares a science-based or humanist related lesson aligning with the lesson prepared for her secular homeschool coop, Academy of Freethought. Youth program volunteers and parents assist as needed. An RSVP to this event is requested for planning purposes. We ask all parents to volunteer to help with the youth program at least once every 6 months. There are many ways to volunteer, including contributing ideas, helping to organize or plan, donating supplies, assisting during the lesson or delivering the lesson.

Women of Reason Dallas -- NEW LOCATION: ZOES KITCHEN

* * * There have been several people who have asked about adding a second Meetup. So, we're going to give this a shot and see how it goes. * * * Join your fellow female freethinkers to discuss whatever topic crosses our minds! Male identified people--we wish to keep this a safe space for those who identify as women as well as the non-binary folks. FAQ: Q: "Why women only?" or "Why are you trying to exclude men?" A: The Fellowship of Freethought Dallas is welcoming to all, but we recognize that safe spaces are needed for some groups, including those that wish to discuss issues unique to women. Safe spaces are not the same as inclusion. We appreciate that you kindly respect these boundaries. Q: Does the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas have other events besides this one? A: Yes! Besides our monthly gathering on the third Sunday of the month, we lots of other social and outreach activities for all people to participate in! Check out our calendar on the meetup page. We look forward to seeing you at another one of our many events! Q: I don't identify as a woman. Why do I get these e-mails? A: Some events are intended for a sub-set of the larger group. With the way that meetup handles "announcement" notifications for a group, though, members of the group at-large get e-mail about the specific meetups targeted at the sub-set. It really doesn't make sense to force that sub-group to start an entirely new top-level Meetup Group just for a sub-set of the larger group, particularly since that's part of why the sub-group is meeting in the first place. There's already enough marginalization and alienation that certain sub-groups already have in our community. When you get e-mail about those events, consider it not in your interest area and just use the delete key to pass it by while knowing you're part of the larger community doing what's needed to help all feel welcome." Q: I still feel uncomfortable about a group dedicated to a subset. Can I ask more about this? A: Of course, we are reasonable people who love reasonable discussions! If you behave in a troll-like manner, however, you will be reported to the administrators of this group.

North Texas Giving Day

Needs a location

North Texas Giving Day is the largest community-wide giving event in the nation. Its purpose is to build a broad culture of community-wide giving. It is a day to support the causes you care about. We at the Fellowship of Freethought hope building a strong secular community is important to you. With your help, we can continue to host educational, social and community service events where our members can build lasting friendships and find a sense of connection. With your support, we can continue to help families send their kids to Camp Quest, a secular summer camp, where life-long friendships are formed. With your donation, we can continue our various outreach programs benefiting people living with AIDS, the homeless, the LGBTQ+ community, our environment and other humanist causes. You can help spread the word about North Texas Giving Day by telling your friends, posting about it on social media (using #NTxGivingDay), or creating a FUNdraising page here: https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/fofdallas Give on September 19th or schedule your donation in advance here: https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/fofdallas Thank you for helping us build a strong secular community!

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