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November Gathering and Potluck - T.D. Walker - The Creative Skeptic
11:00 am - Coffee and mingling 11:30 am - Program Begins 12:30 pm - Potluck BRING YOUR CHILDREN. Age appropriate activities and presentations will be provided while you enjoy our speaker. The Creative Skeptic: Or, How to Live the Magic, Embrace the Mystery, and Invoke the Muses When You Don't Believe in Supernatural Forces Are you an artist and a freethinker? A crafter and skeptic? A coder and a humanist? A social organizer and an atheist? A fan of movies and a fan of rationality? Do you want to explore both your ability to create and your ability to question with like-minded folks? Then join us for a workshop on creativity for freethinkers. We'll discuss ways in which we can use advice for creative types that is too often couched in spiritual terms. And we'll play lively social games designed to help you tap into your creativity, without resorting to calling on a Muse. Don't consider yourself creative? Don't worry! We'll address ways in which consumers of creative products--movies, TV, games, books, and so on--can also consider themselves creative and thus apply what we talk about in the gathering. So come explore the mysteries of creativity with us. It'll be magical.... About the Speaker: T.D. Walker's poems and stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Web Conjunctions, The Cascadia Subduction Zone, Luna Station Quarterly, and elsewhere. A collection of her poems, Small Waiting Objects, is forthcoming from CW Books next summer. After she completed her PhD in English Literature at the University of North Texas, she transitioned to a career as a software developer. She blogs about writing at her website ( and about science fiction, feminism, and freethought at Freethinking Ahead ( Fellowship of Freethought, as part of its mission to promote a family-friendly organization that emphasizes education, socialization, and charity, will be encouraging its members to gather together once a month to learn from each other, share in each others' lives, and coordinate outreach to the community. These "Gatherings" will combine music, short presentations, and special announcements all running alongside a fun yet educational youth program. Following presentations and youth activities is a potluck meal to encourage close fellowship among all members. Potluck Tips Just bring food (whatever dish you like to eat). FoF Dallas will supply the drinks, ice, napkins, plates, cups, and eating utensils. Bring enough to feed yourself, your family, and your guests — as if that were all you had to eat. Food should be "ready to serve". It should be cooked, cut, and ready for someone to quickly put it on their plate as they walk through the line. Label your dish with the ingredients if it contains common food allergens: milk, eggs, peanuts (groundnuts), nuts from trees (including Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish (including mussels, crab and shrimps), soy products, and wheat. Applications for Voting Membership will be collected at the Gatherings.

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To create a positive impact on our shared world, our mission is to provide a community that values and promotes a freethinking life unencumbered by the biases of tradition, dogma, and authority and that encourages people to live a reason and evidence-based life characterized by close fellowship, ethical contemplation, critical thinking, community service, and the appreciation of scientific knowledge and understanding of the universe and our place in it.

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