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GEAF Gifts Spiritual Growth Meetup group is for those who are interested in taking classes to broaden their knowledge of energy work, Shamanic Practices, Reiki and other healing modalities, and connecting to our guides and the Ancient Ones. Classes are brought forward with the knowledge of Native Hawaiian, Navajo (Diné) and other indigenous peoples teachings and lifestyles.

This Meetup was established to assist others on their spiritual journey by providing opportunities to meet others of like-mind and to provide a safe and sacred space where there is no fear or judgment. Laughter is inevitable in any event held by GEAF Gifts and business partners.

Join this group as a individual, remain with the group as family.

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Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Prayer- Shirley Bolstok, Gayle Fowler, Kendara Laurel

This event is hosted by Kendara Laurel's Meetup Group. Shirley Bolstok and Gayle Fowler will be participating in this event. It's about Ho'oponopono, practice of forgiveness. ON ZOOM: Go to www.zoom.com Enter Meeting ID: #[masked] Enter Passcode: #Passcode:[masked] This was such a special event that Shirley, Gayle and I are doing it again next month! Hope you can join us! We are going to be on zoom and repeat the Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Healing Prayer 108 times (using Mala beads). Basically we will have a beautiful picture on the screen with the prayer on it and repeat the prayer 108 times. Please feel free to bring your Mala beads. This ancient Hawaiian practice functions as a way to cause things to move back into balance or make things right. It functions as both a communication concept for reconciliation and a tool for restoring self love and balance. It roughly translates into 'move back into balance' or to 'make things right'. We think that the world is in need of balance and harmony and hope that this powerful practice can help. We would love to have you join us.

Angels & Other Guides, An Open Gallery w/ Brenda Hardwick

St Andrew Lutheran Church-Arvada


This is an opportunity to bring your friends and join Brenda and a different Guest Healer each month to help you identify and connect with your other guides! Ask your questions or just see what your Angels and Guides want you to know! This will make for a rousing discussion between you and your Angels, Animal and other Spirit Guides! Perhaps you can get the answers to those burning questions that have been bugging you! My guest Healer this month is Every 2nd Friday @ 7pm Session=$30.00/person Venmo: @Brenda-Hardwick (Look for my face!) Paypal: paypal.me/thelightofnature Cashapp: $brendahjm Square (Credit Card) https://checkout.square.site/buy/F7LL53J4FZ7AFDWDEEZUREYE

Shamanic Hoop Drum Workshop w/ Phil Catalano

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

***In person workshop; social distancing and masks are required*** A 50% deposit is required no later than October 31st, so that the requested material will be available for the workshop. Contact Phil Catalano at[masked] or [masked] to make payment arrangements. Phil Catalano of Creative Earth Designs will be having a workshop on creating Shaman Hoop Drums. The Native Americans have been making many different kinds of Hoop Drums for many centuries. This workshop will focus on a design made popular with the availability of pre-made hoops and prepared hides. The techniques used are taken from the traditional methods and updated for the use of the more modern hoops, tools, and preparation methods. • All materials, e.g. hides, hoops, frames, lacing are included in the price. Drum beater material kits are also available for $12 upon request. • All necessary tools needed for cutting, hole punching and lacing will be available at no additional charge. • Workshop will take approximately 2-3 hours Pricing Raw Hide Drum Head Maple Hoops ~ 3 inch deep ~ Cedar Octagon Frames (14 & 16”) Deer 12 inch diameter-----------------$165.00 Buffalo or Elk 12 inch diameter--------------------$65.00 Buffalo or Elk 14 inch diameter--------------------$183.00 Buffalo or Elk 16 inch diameter--------------------$198.00 Buffalo or Elk 18 inch diameter--------------------$225.00 Buffalo or Elk 20 inch diameter-------------------$258.00 Cow, Horse & Moose hide is also available upon request Pricing above does not include drum beaters. Drum beater kits is an extra $12. Or purchase a premade beater for $27 ea. Note: Each hide is unique and one of a kind. There is no control over various patterns and rough color ranges. The Elk & Deer hides are de-fleshed and de-haired using no chemicals or bleach, resulting in colors that range from light golden tan to dark brown. The hides also vary in thickness from one part of the skin to another. This quality can change the tone or “song” of the drum, and is considered a desirable quality. Also, Deer hide is thinner than Elk or Buffalo and has a different tone. A deep base tone is also affected by the larger diameter, the depth of the frame, as well as the tightness of the hide over the hoop.

Laughing Your Life Healthy! ONLINE

Online event

HA, HA, HAHAHA!!! Come laugh with me & learn how Laughter can ease the trials of your life! Laughter with a purpose. Immerse yourself in an hour of laughter that heals! Learn why laughter is a good thing and what it can do to help you be healthier. Brenda Hardwick is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. TBD We meet every 3rd Sunday at 3pm Cost: LOVE OFFERING of $5 is suggested!!! Venmo: @Brenda-Hardwick (Look for my face!) Paypal: paypal.me/thelightofnature Cashapp: $brendahjm Square (Credit Card)- https://checkout.square.site/buy/NHSPR2KGQLXE43KS6LNVGCEA

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The Angel Power Hour! w/ Brenda Hardwick

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