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What we’re about

WHO is GreenUps for? 

Our events are for people with an interest / passion / concern for the environment and sustainability. No matter what your profession. GreenUps is about creating connections across a range of different sectors. Whether you work in business, science, education, design, the media, the arts, the law, government, NGO’s, IT, you name it. We’d like to hear over a beer what you’re doing. Or what you think should be happening in Sydney or in your area of work when it comes to sustainability. Here's some photos of us in action -

WHAT is GreenUps? (And how on earth will drinking help the Earth anyway?)

We reckon there’s a groundswell of Sydneysiders quietly beavering away at sustainability in this big, bad, development-centric city. Maybe you’re one of them. Or maybe you want to do more, and are looking for ways to seriously get into it. If this is you, you’re not alone! There’s more of us out there. (You can find us having a drink at GreenUps.)

GreenUps provide an incubator for ideas, connections, inspiration and support. We’ll organise the bar. You just need to come (and bring people like you.)

WHEN is GreenUps? 

It's monthly – on the first Tuesday of each month (usually from 6pm.) On the GreenUps MeetUp homepage you'll find details of upcoming events. 

WHERE is GreenUps held?

We're trying to keep GreenUps fresh - so you'll find us in different locations throughout the year. We like to find places that are interesting and a bit under the radar round Sydney. (Not the usual pub thing.) Venues will be posted at the latest a week before the event. You could check back, or if you sign up to this MeetUp you'll get an automatic update of where (and when) it's on.

HOW MUCH does it cost to get in?

We try as much as we can to make the entry free. (Other than that you just need to buy your own drinks.) Sometimes we have special events where we need to cover costs, so there may be a door charge. 

WHO is behind GreenUps?

Currently there's: Liane Rossler (co-founder of Dinosaur Designs), Jess Miller (owner of Goody Two Shoes) and Ben Ward (owner of The Falconer Cafe) - with some new people now pitching in (including Saskia Howard of Green Arts Project.) The initial idea was germinated by Dan Cass (ex Greenpeace) and Phil Stubbs (of The Environment Show.) Other past organisers have included Alastair Walton (ex City of Sydney), Kate Bedwell (Qantas) and Dave Gravina (Digital Eskimo design agency.) 

GreenUps is also part of Green Drinks International. It's a large, growing network - 800 cities around the world have green drinks gatherings. (Connect to the world site via

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If you have any brilliant ideas for us or you’re interested in helping to organise future events, let us know. (GreenUps is a collaborative, volunteer event.)