What we're about

We are a growth-mindset community of playful explorers, seeking to understand our foibles and fixations and our passions and superpowers.

Our workshops are led by members and guest presenters. Have a workshop you'd like to present? See these guidelines for submitting a workshop idea (it's pretty easy!): Share you workshop idea here (http://shorturl.at/ltUW8).

We are serious about personal growth but we don’t take ourselves too seriously! We hold super-interactive workshops, have fun conversations, play games that help us understand ourselves, try new healthy foods and wellness excercises, and explore lesser-known philosophies. While we seek contentment and consciousness, we do set personal goals that enable our freedom and empowerment. We’re getting to know the monkey on our back and we’re enlisting his help in our path to growth. We’re committed to goal-setting, accountability, and positive support. Our mantra is: “I’m here and I’m helping. We’re together and we’re growing.” Two important things to know: 1) We are a compassion-first accountability group—we’re here to grow with goals and support. 2) Other than mutual respect and respecting our meeting format, we have no exclusions, including those of “membership”, belief, or practice, including “abstinence-only”. If you are seeking abstinence-only meetings and support, AA might be for you. We welcome you wherever you are in your journey. Let’s get there together!

As a reminder, remember to bring to share with the group:
1. a quote that you like or challenges you
2. an issue you are working on


Your attendance at Grow NYC MeetUp is an agreement to abide by these group rules and norms:

We abide by the Four Agreements (as outlined in the book by Don Miguel Ruiz):

- Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word
- Agreement 2: Don't Take Anything Personally
- Agreement 3: Don't Make Assumptions
- Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best

Safe Space: All are welcome here. What is shared in our circle, stays in our circle. No comments on another member’s dress, speech, accent, gender, sexuality, background, etc.

Share the Air: Allow everyone a chance to speak. If you notice that others have not shared since you last spoke, please ask for someone’s else’s thoughts before you share another thought.

Respect: One person speaks at a time. Listen carefully and respectfully, without interrupting, turning to technology, or engaging in private conversations while others are speaking.

Perspective: Recognize how your own social position (e.g., race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, background) informs your perspectives and reactions.

Positive Energy: Let’s keep all our comments positive and loving. We seek to improve ourselves and that involves deep introspection. That said, if you have negative thoughts about yourself, others or the world that you need to process, please do that important work with a professional therapist.

Humility: We are on this journey together. Hold your opinions and comments lightly and strive for intellectual humility.

Our group rules and norms are informed by the following resources:

Learning Innovation, Duke University


Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan


Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia University


Hope to see you at our next MeetUp!
--- Grow NYC

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