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I teach Laughter Yoga at different venues. Laughter Yoga is a playful path to joy and wellness by approaching laughter as an exercise. Through laughter exercises in a group, we sustain hearty laughter for at least 15 minutes at a stretch, in order to achieve many health benefits, including: elevating your mood, relieving stress, strengthening your immune system, and energizing your body and your brain.

We do this by doing seated and standing laughter exercises, combined with deep, relaxing breaths (that's where the yoga part comes in). Doing these exercises in a group, with eye contact, makes the laughter contagious. We can induce ourselves to laugh, without relying on jokes or humor. We invoke laughter as a tool for wellness, and is accessible and fun for all!

Laughter Yoga is practiced in 105 countries --thousands of people are laughing for the health of it!

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