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Beginning Python 3: Upgrading from Dev to Engineer

Price: $250.00 /per person
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What will you be learning?

In this workshop you will learn how to setup your environment for developing in Python, the fundamentals of programming in Python, and how to research and understand available documentation for self-improvement in the language. Most courses are designed to familiarize students with a particular language and development pattern, but they fall short on teaching students how to become engineers. Learning a principle is different than learning how a principle came about and why it is important to implement. In this three day workshop we intend to encourage sound engineering principles while learning the finer points of Python 3. This will be done through short lectures on a topic, a short hands-on session about that topic, then an open discussion and hack at the end of each workshop day. By the end of this workshop you will be well on your way to becoming an engineer who is fluent in Python 3.

How will the class be structured?

Day 1

Introduction to the course and each other

The Type() command

Builtin Constants



Strings & String Methods

Open Discussion & Hacking on Projects

Day 2

Review, Q&A



Control Flow

Open Discussion & Hacking on Projects

Day 3

Review, Q&A


Finish Projects

There will be homework on Days 1 & 2 that will prepare you for the following workshop day. We will also have an online forum to answer questions and help participants further their learning during the weeks in between sessions.

How should students prepare?

Set up dev environment:

Install Python 3

On Mac:

On Linux:

On Windows:

Install iPython

On Mac:

On Linux:

On Windows:

Read Python 3.3.2 Tutorial (

Read Python 3.3.2 Language Reference Section 1 ( & Section 2 ( Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand the readings. For now we want you to learn to navigate the documentation and begin to familiarize yourself with it. We will cover much of the “philosophy” of Python in class.

What will you get out of this workshop?

This workshop is your first step in becoming a Python Engineer. In order to solve complicated problems, one must know the toolset. By the end of this workshop you will have a strong grasp on the Python toolset and the resources to grow further to develop exciting new applications.

Beginner Level

Participants must have an interest in programming. A strong aptitude for language, mathematics and problem solving are a must, but no previous experience with programming is required.

Teacher Bio: Ken Anderson

I don’t just write code, I engineer solutions. There is a clear difference between developers and engineers in the professional world, but to become a good engineer, you must have a strong foundation in coding. I’ve been programming for over 20 years. Early in my childhood I hopped onto my dad’s 286 and began writing text-based adventure games in Basic. I spent a number of years building and maintaining a BBS and writing simple scripts. In ‘98 I got into PHP ( was 3.0) and in ‘99, Javascript. In ‘02 I decided to expand into the enterprise world of Java where I got stuck for the next 8 years, still playing with PHP & Javascript on the side. In 2010 I was introduced to Ruby and Python. In 2012 I started up a software company and my chief architect convinced me that Python was the way to go. Ever since then we’ve been a pretty dedicated Python and Javascript shop. We don’t just write Python, we write really fast and clean Python. In some cases we even compile down to C using Cython to get maximum performance for our clients. We are all about solving large problems with performant and manageable code.

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